Friday, August 2, 2013

Once again i am feeling so alone

Once again i am feeling so alone
It seems me as if all my happiness is gone

I am helpless like a cage's bird
Who cann't fly freely in this world

Why this world is so cruel
It theft my happiness my expensive jewl

My heart is feeling a deep pain
No body can help me in my vain

One day i will die within myself
Everything will go far from me itself

I am alone like moon in the sky
I have no more wishes tell me why



At times I feel you're so close by,
Your image reaches out
Engulfing me in a sweet embrace,
Not caring who's about.

You gently hold me in your arms,
Your heart, so close to mine.
All cares are lost in tenderness,
All thoughts and sense of time.

Your touch ignites a growing flame,
Your warmth, a true desire.
A union of two souls occurs,
Now one, amidst the fire.

The wildness of the moment soars
And vagueness clouds our sight.
A fusion in the deepest sense
Has taken place this night.

The room, now laced with dawn's caress
From me, your form does send
And all too soon I realize...
This dream must near its end.

You came like spring

You came like spring
and lit my soul on fire
when the birds began to sing
you came and inspired

When the flowers began to bloom
with the smell of spring in the air
you took away the gloom
and taught me how to care

I'll never be the same
you breathed new life into me
I'm so glad you came
A true friend you'll always be

A Hand In The Darkness

A Hand In The Darkness

A hand reaches out through the despair
No questions asked - No judgments made
From the depths, her light clears the darkness
Her soft smile brings with it a warmth
A gentle, knowing look - and hope rises.

No words need be spoken
An unconditional love is seen
Her compassion - brings me strength
And have lightened the once heavy burdens.

I emerge from the darkness whole
and with the knowledge--
That one true friend will be at my side
As we travel the hills and valleys
And continue our walk down the path of life.

What Reason Then

What Reason Then

Blessed are the days we live
Bless the love we have to give
For if we had no love to give
What reason then have we to live

Blessed are the friends we make
Bless the joy from them we take
For if there were no joy to take
What reason then for friends to make

A giving heart is what we share
With those for whom we really care
But if we really didn’t care
What reason then our hearts to share

Rejoice when good friends come your way
Give blessings to that special day
But if your life they weren’t part
We wouldn’t bless what they impart

Blessed are the ones we love
Whose friendship is so well thought of
And if those friends for you are there
What reason then to go elsewhere

Let's Create Harmony

Let's Create Harmony

Remember those great symphonies
They began with just one note
As like many an inspiration
Can start from just one quote

Look at fine great paintings
Some started from just a dream
View the rivers, lakes and oceans
Began from some tiny stream

These creations we see and hear
They all started off somewhere
Just like a loving garden growing
All from nurturing and care

We all then can create daily
You can view the seeds you sow
So love, inspire and create
With all the friends you know

Share with them the fruits of life
Play with them a symphony
Even guide them along a stream
But clasp hands in harmony

Don't use the excuse, that you forgot
Times in envy or feeling weak
You can either pick up your pen
Or use your voice and speak



I love you so deeply
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice
and the way that we touch

I love your warm smile
and your kind, thoughtful way,
and the joy you bring to my life
each and every day

I love you today
as I have from the start,
and I'll love you forever
with all of my heart.

Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You

Oh, what can I do to let you know my heart is for real,
Sitting at the beach only the stars could tell you,
Let me love you for no reason, for no return,
Swinging with the waves of ocean, who am I speaking to;

Oh, what can I do to let you know how much I feel for you,
Wishing to the clouds let me see the moon,
Let me love you for no reason, for no return,
Shivering in the wind, oh, where are you;

Let me love you, oh, let me love you,
Not for my loneliness but for you,
Let me love you, oh, let me love you,
I whispering in my heart, oh god, let me love you...

Madly In Love

Madly In Love

I can't explain why I feel this way,
Everytime you would come my way
I always tremble, feelin nervous,
It's like I wanna fall down unconcious.
I don't know what so special about you
That made me fall in love with you.
Maybe that cute face of yours,
Your smiles and ways, yes of course
Everytime you're by my side
I'd like to stretch my hands open wide
And embrace you tight endlessly
But I can't coz you might turn away from me.
But what can I do,
If this is what I feel for you
Can you blame me, if I have fallen
Madly in LOVE with you my darling.

My Endless Love

My Endless Love

I loved you the moment
I saw your precious face.
You took hold of my heart;
Made it your own special place.

No one comes before you
And no one loves you more.
When you came into my life,
You made my spirit soar.

I can only love you
Until the day I die.
I pray you will be there
When it's time to say goodbye.

Take my hand and hold me;
Help my spirit fly.
Let your face be the last
I see before I die.

My Heart And I

My Heart And I

Love you so my dear
to you ~ I take a bow
this love is sincere
no new beginnings now.

To you ~ I take a bow,
we have loved for years
let's shout it out aloud
no fears and no tears.

This love is sincere
my soul ~ it tells no lie
when you hold me near
we sing - my heart and I.

No new beginnings now
needn't change our ways
you and I made a vow
to last all our days.



I'll never forget,
The first that we met,
I remember it like it was yesterday,
It's stays deep in my heart,
The day you found me.
We have promised that we would give
To each other all there is to give
For as long as we both shall live.
I never want wealth or fame,
I only want to have your name,
I only want to wear
That tiny band of gold
And always have to you hold.
I will keep my promise to you,
I will never be untrue,
Even though sometimes I will be
Away from you.
I will never break your heart,
I've always loved you from the start,
I must say to you this very special day,
I won't let it take my pride,
I want to be your bride.
I will never let you feel empty inside,
I will never break the ties that bind,
I will never leave you behind,
I will never let our love die.
So I make another promise to you, my love,
We will live and we will learn,
And where ever you may go,
My heart will always follow.
And now it's plain to see,
The the promise's that I have made to thee,
Will show in time, you see,
That you and I will never be lonely,
I love this you and me.

The light in your eyes

The light in your eyes
As you stare into mine
Just makes me see
God's perfect design

The warmth of your hand
The feel of your skin
Moves something inside me
Something deep within

Your feelings so gentle
Your love so sweet
I feel this passion
Every time we meet

And today I give
A promise to you
That my love will be
Honest, Faithful, and True



Words, phrases and sentences of greeting,
'How are you?' and 'Having a good day?',
'Wonderful to see you',
And 'Oh. by the way'...

Two of us among our friends,
Enjoying each others company,
Never knowing the bond being created,
Aloof to the thoughts of many...

Time passes on as days go by,
Oblivious and anxious at the same time,
Feelings whirling and tumbling,
Watching my heart soar so high...

You came upon my life,
Unsuspecting, open and true,
Smiles brightened as names appeared,
Drawing colors of a perfect hue...

Love rises from deep within,
Showering us with emotions,
Shivers, breathlessness, warmth and kindness,
Hearts quickening in rapid motion...

A hug, a smile, a touch, a kiss,
Minds and bodies united in sync,
Blessed with this newfound love,
Wonders what to think...

A joy has immersed my soul,
Shedding new light,
A voice, a mind, a soul, a hand,
Creating happiness and delight.



I will tell you this much...

your love is there when I lay down,
it is there when I wake up.
I can hear your whispers softly speak,
"I love you" is what they say,
and without a doubt I know this is true,
because I see it in your eyes,
because I heard it from you.

Through it all you've been there;
your tears, my tears- together were shared.
I'm amazed to see your love so strong;
you laughed with me through the right,
and cried patiently through the wrong.

I will tell you this much...

Your love is honesty and devotion;
it is sweet and enduring,
much more than emotion.
I know I've hurt you, and this I will not brag,
but it was your love that held us together;
it was your love that made a way.
Your love I won't forget;
it is locked within my very heart;
your love I do accept.

I will tell you this much.

voices of your heart

voices of your heart

When you think about life
And all its negative things,
Scary thoughts occur,
Great fears it brings.
Dealing with friends
Who betrayed your trust.
Standing alone in the rain
From dawn to dusk.
Losing the man
With whom you wished to share your dreams,
Leaves you with eyes like clouds
And tears like streams.
With family members
Arguing from day to night,
Makes you want to run away
From that unpleasant sight.
School is hard,
Doing work you don’t understand.
Walking down a road
Holding no future in your hand.
Your world is dark,
Empty and confused.
You feel angry, frustrated,
And completely used.
Everything is unclear,
You only see death on the way.
This life isn’t worth living,
It should be taken away.
But then there’s a small voice
That suddenly appears.
Looking all around... you
Can’t seem to find it anywhere.
This little voice said,
“There’s a whole lot more to life.
Everyone goes through joy,
Happiness, pain and strife.
There are people who love you,
And you will meet new friends.
Everyday is a new experience,
It’s just a matter of where and when.”
That is when you calm down
And begin to think.
After all, life can be good
And have its positive things.
You can have an education
If you’re willing to learn.
You’re future is the road ahead,
Considering which way you turn.
You have been hurt,
Betrayed, denied and used.
But people will know your importance
Depending on the kind of friends you choose.
Not having a boyfriend
Isn’t the end of the world.
He’s not worth loving
If he leaves you for another girl.
It’s normal for a family to argue,
‘Cause that’s how they compromise.
If you think problems can’t be solved
Then you’re not very wise.
This little voice saved your life-
Didn’t keep you and the world apart.
That’s when you realize this voice.
Is the “voice of your heart”.

what I feel

We've grown close over time
Now I wish you were mine

When I'm with you
I never feel blue

With kisses so gentle and touches so warm
With enduring hugs I shall never feel harm

Words can't express what I feel
So I guess what I'm asking is what's the deal?

You make me laugh you make me smile
I am willing to go that extra mile.

There is the melody

There is the melody
I can't play for you,
There is the song
I can't sing for you.

I want to be with you,
Touch, feel your heart.

Between us
There is the line
I can't cross



Although I can see
Your beautiful face,
And I remember the feel
Of your warm embrace.

When ever I think
Of you,
I always do.

My heart beats
Like tribal drums,
I miss you so much
As I start to hum.....

Those songs that seem
Written just for us,
You know the ones
I'm sure you must.

These words in rhyme
Come from my heart,
Which is aching now
Because we're apart.

How I long
For the day,
When your all
Here to stay.

For my life with you
And Matt and Brea,
Couldn't get any better
Well not for me.

There's a lump in my throat
As tears start to well,
For missing you
Feels like hell.

So please say
We'll stay together,
Both day and night
Forever and ever.

With these thoughts
Clear in my mind,
I'll rest my head
The dreams I find.

Will keep me happy
While your away,
For you to be here
Is all I pray.

Marianne I love you
I truly do,
Will you marry me
Please say yes say I do.

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping
While you were sleeping I felt your heart beating.
While you were sleeping in my head love was repeating.
While you were sleeping all I could do was smile.
While you were sleeping I watched you for a while.
While you were sleeping I always held your hand.
While you were sleeping I knew where my heart would land.
While you were sleeping you would hold me near.
While you were sleeping I would cry all my tears.
While you were sleeping from you I knew I wouldn't part.
While you were sleeping I gave to you my heart.

Be This Way

Be This Way

Did it have to be this way?
I saw you the other day,
I noticed things I didn't before,
It seems I have walked through a different door.

I watched your lips move as I fell in to,
In to a daze, in to confuse,
Did you have any clue?
It must be a path I had to choose.

These feelings I must share,
Each day I feel deeper,
That you are the keeper,
You are the one I must care.

Your wings sore upon me,
You shed light upon thee,
Joy that I feel,
So before you I kneel,
I ask "Will you hold my hand and never let go?"
The answer I will never really know.

If you tell me I will forget,
But if you show me I will know,
To this I owe you a debt,
Hope fully you won't say no.

Will we ever touch and hold hands

Will we ever touch and hold hands,
will we ever walk in the sand...
will we ever walk along the beach,
so we can have memories for us to reach.
will we always be in a huddle
so we can never kiss and cuddle.
Will we ever dance in the moonlight,
or even make love during the night.
Will we always be this way,
where we never speak what we feel,or not know what to say...

A Three Word Emotion

A Three Word Emotion

A four letter word
Combined with I and You
Just to tell someone
That powerful word
To someone else
And to them, it could only mean so much
Like a child and a mother.

Love combined with I and You
Is not just to tell someone
But would also describe something else
An emotion that would fall between happy and calm
But you would never know which
Until you take the time.

Love brings joy to everyone that thinks about it
But would then, just then
Would the not have any worries
Because they thought about love
That three word emotion
As to what I refer to it as
That emotion you share and say,
I love you



Assessing myself as I looked nowhere
Asking myself why I felt tormented
As well as of remorse thinking my fate
Endless acts of giving indeed been laid
A message to convey of your importance…

At times don’t want to think taken for granted
At times I felt it was all just an act from you
Trying to reciprocate my deeds as to repay
Just to pleased the promises only at first
But it was put aside once more until piled…

Courage I’m waiting for me to open-up
Reasons why I start to change of direction
Our friendship we built I want for keeps
But the feeling I have need to extinguish
I can’t imposed my rights for I really don’t have…

The fault is within me for I care too much
I give too much but I found myself hurt
High expectations I regard from your side
Deep within me I knew it is awkward
My thoughts for you now, its time to set it free…

As I am saying good night at the end of the day

As I am saying good night at the end of the day
And you are not here, but many miles away,
My heart is so empty and so lonely inside,
As I wipe away a tear I am trying to hide.

I close my eyes and try to go to sleep,
But with the sadness inside I begin to weep.
Suddenly I remember what you once said to me,
Just meet me in the stars, waiting for you I will be.

When distance tends to keep us apart,
Remember I still hold you near in my heart.
When the night together, can't be ours,
Just close your eyes and meet me in the stars.

Meet me in the stars, I'll be waiting there for you.
With a bottle of wine and glasses for two.
Just close your eyes and there you will see,
Waiting in the stars, just for you I will be.

Remembering those words, I begin to smile,
And gently close my eyes, lessening the miles.
I can see the stars, oh how beautifully arranged,
But you are not there, no hug to exchange.

I sit alone waiting, with hope in my heart,
No longer wanting to be kept apart.
Suddenly in the distance, a shadow appears,
A tear rolls down my face and the image is clear.

There is no question it is you that I see,
Waiting in the stars, just like you promised to me.
You hold out your hand as you become near,
And put it in mine saying, "I miss you, my dear.

When is it time to say goodbye

When is it time to say goodbye
To all the love I've known,
When is it time to end your pain,
And leave me all alone?

I've watched you on your good days when
I feel your strength renewed;
But shortly after little ups,
The down days then ensue.

We ride this roller-coaster of
Emotions as we try,
To make it through another day,
And yet, I can't deny ...

That as I look into your face
On days that have been bad,
I see a look that beckons me
It's tired, and hurt, and sad.

The little spark I used to see
Behind those loving eyes,
Is growing ever clouded
By life's cruel inhumane side.

I try to see beyond the pain
You feel with every step;
And softly whisper to myself
This may get better yet.

If I can bear to watch you
Just another day or two;
I justify my reasons to
Ensure I cling to you.

For letting go is harder for
The person left behind;
It means that if I let you go,
I cannot turn back time.

Back to the days I long for now,
When you were full of life;
And every day held promise,
And our futures, clear and bright.

But now the lights are darkening ...
We take it daily now;
I cannot see our futures clear
Or think beyond this cloud.

I think the hardest part in this
Is never knowing why,
I have to be courageous
And I have to say goodbye.

For if I let myself admit
It's time to let you go;
I'd have to face reality
Without you ... but I know ...

That soon I have to face the
Final outcome that I dread,
And holding on will only serve
To hurt you in the end.

You've given such unselfish love
For all our time in life,
But if I hold too tightly,
You'll not move t'ward the light ...

On to a better life, where you
Can once again be free,
Of all the pain and discomfort
That holds you here to me.

So if I find the courage just to say
This last farewell,
I hope you will forgive me for
The time it took me; still ...

I'll hold with me, the memories
That in my heart remain,
Pray one day, down the road a'ways
... They'll lesson my own pain.



I love you today and
I will love you tomorrow

Just some words
To clear the sorrow

That will never
Leave my heart or yours

From this day forward
You are so special to me

I love you
With all my heart

Always have
And always will

From family and friends
That never end

You will always be with me
As I will always be with you

Until we cross the gates of heaven
There we will always be

Together until the end

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk,
you'd know my body is dead,
my mind has been taken over,
that's why I am so scared,
I can't control it,
anger is making me blind,
I've been left here on my own
chained to a hate of some kind.
If these walls could talk.

If these walls could talk,
you'd know about my fears,
about all those nights I screamed for help,
about all my fallen tears.
You'd know about the demons
haunting me at night,
you'd be able to help me
keep my fire alight,
if these walls could talk.

If these walls could talk
they would say that it's all right,
God sends His angels
to look over me at night.
They'd encourage me,
say though I am alone
it doesn't mean I‘m on my own.
He watches me, from above
and showers me with all His love,
if only these walls could talk.

Love of My Life

Love of My Life

Like the stars in the sky,
I am calling to you.

From the heavens above,
I am looking for you.

In the depths of my soul,
I will live and breathe for you.

Sadness dwells inside you;
You have nothing to fear,

for I am next to you.
I can feel your sadness;

Let me be sad for you,
so you will feel love once again.

Worry not about life,
let me worry for you.

You should always love life,
for it is a part of you.

I'll be there when you fall,
to catch you and say I Love You...



Wandering in darkness grope,
Finding not a glimpse of hope.
Fingers touch to find my way,
Each foot fall, my heart betrays
The fear which drives me through the day.

Suddenly the ground is lost,
Flailing arms as body's tossed.
Splashing down in crimson pool,
The warm embrace is much too cruel,
I curse this lowly, wretched fool.

Floundering in this self made hell,
Warmth increasing as I dwell,
Within the confines I create,
Screaming as myself berate,
Giving in to this, my fate.

Miles Apart

Miles Apart

I wish I could wipe
your falling tears away,

as you bravely smile through your pain...
You see me suffer,

then you break down and cry
miles apart...

In your dreams
I softly kiss you,

no one can see the pain,
that we both feel inside

miles apart...
You whisper I love you

and I whisper to the skies,
I love you too

When will this pain ever go away
even though we are

miles apart...
To be by your side

is a dream I can't deny
But I will wish for it to come true.

I miss you so badly
my heart is breaking

as we cry
miles apart...

Woman much missed how you call to me call to me

Woman much missed how you call to me, call to me
Saying that now you are not as you were
When you had changed from the one who was all to me,
But as at first, when our day was fair.

Can it be you that I hear? Let me view you, then,
Standing as when I drew near to the town
Where you would wait for me: yes, as I knew you then,
Even to the original air-blue gown!

Or is it only the breeze in its listlessness
Travelling across the wet mead to me here,
You being ever dissolved to wan wistlessness,
Heard no more again far or near?

Thus I; faltering forward,
Leaves around me falling,
Wind oozing thin through the thorn from norward,
And the woman calling

I Wish He Never Left

I Wish He Never Left...

It was the greatest relationship anyone could ever have,
It even last through the blaze of sun and winters snow,
They loved each other like no one will ever know,
I wished it wasn't so,
The day when Phil and Katie broke up my heart was crushed to pieces,
It hit me a ton of rocks breaking the waves at private beaches,
My mind was scattered and I couldn't think,
I cried until my eyes turned pink,
He wasn't just my sisters boyfriend...
He was my best friend,
He told me we would always talk,
So I called him frequently until one day I realized that it was to awkward,
I wish I could rewind the days because mine and his friendship was like sidewalk chalk:
Very noticeable, impossible to erase, but slowly fades away,
He was the sweetest guy i have ever met,
Who wasn't ashamed to be my friend even though I haven't been to high school yet,
We shared a special bond that made me feel frail,
With him I felt like I was living in a fairy tale,
You took me places and talked with me,
Around each other we seemed so care free,
I don't know why this had to be,
Cause' Philip you meant to much to me,
I wish things would go back to the way they used to be,
I never thought I would get this close to someone whose older than me,
You helped me through many struggles within me,
And cared for me so sweetly,
I don't think you know how much you mean to me,
If you knew I don't think you would ever leave,
Phil I will never forget you or put you behind me because that how much you mean to me!

When I Was Just A Little Girl

When I Was Just A Little Girl

When I was just a little girl
around the age of 5
I fell in love with daddy
the most handsomest man alive
When I was 10 I realized
my daddy was so strong
with super hero powers
fighting monsters all night long
I was daddys little girl until
a rebel teen I became
Then dad's rules were overbaring
and his advice was really lame
We argued over everything
like where I was and why
because dad was such a worrier
often times I'd lie
Then one day he caught me and
I knew that I was busted
My punishment was in his eyes
when I saw I was no longer trusted
I said I'd earn it back someday
I made my dad a vow
Someday I'd prove myself to you
Someday I'd make you proud
Then when I was 20 dad took his place
to walk me down the isle
He took my hand and looked at me
and said with his crooked smile
You know, you're still my little girl
I'll always be your dad
Through tears streaming down his face
no eyes could look that sad
I didn't understand it then
but he tried to let me know
although his heart was breaking bad
he had to let me go
I moved so far away from home
but tried to stay in touch
years went by and life went on
I didn't see my dad so much
At 30 I came home again
failed marriage, broke, depressed
What a disappointment I felt to my dad
because my life was such a mess
Dad took me in and set me straight
with firm loving words of wealth
Get off your lazy butt and make
somebody of yourself *smiles*
He wouldn't let me give up
no matter how hard for me things got
I worked two jobs and raised a child alone
Dads encouragement helped alot
Then when I was 38
I walked down another isle
in cap and gown with honors
I looked up to see dads smile
I made it dad I thought right then
I saw my biggest fan
His love, support and faith in me
has made me who I am
Throughout my years of stubborness
and foolish pride against dad
not fully understanding or
appreciating what I had
I didn't see how the years went by
or perhaps I was afraid
My father had grown old and ill
from the sacrifices that he made
I broke his heart so many times
and yet he could forgive
because his lesson from his life was
not how to die but how to live
At 43 on Fathers Day
I thank God for all dad gave
and today I'll say a little prayer
upon my fathers grave
Thank you dad for everything
your strength, your faith, your love
Forever from your little girl
'til we meet again above.

can see you in there

I can see you in there
That hurt little boy
Too scared to love
Too burned by the past

I can see you in there
The deceived young man
Unable to give
Unwilling to take

I can see you in there
The scars that won't heal
The time that you lost
The facade you create

I can see you in there
You know that I can
It scares you too much
To let me in

I can see you in there
The things that you want
The things that you need
But feel undeserving

I want nothing of you
I just want to give
To share with you
A precious gift

Can you see me in here?
I think that you can
Yet you turn your back
To my offer to help

Can you see me in here?
Wanting to heal your hurt
To show you it's not lost
That it does exist

Come join me in here
Where friendship is true
Where love isn't wrong
And you can be YOU.



When setting suns hide behind trees
And summer glows like fire
And the wind feels like it has the
Desires to inspire
When winter clouds hide pale moons
And leaves gather in streets
You're more than just a passing thought
Or bad memory to me
When I wake from a daytime dream
And find it dark outside
And no one is around at all
A house that's all too quiet
When the hour is just right so
The city slightly sleeps
Your name is more than a byword
Or bad memory to me
When raindrops rap upon rooftops
Familiar rythmic taps
And records play and seem like they
Speak just to me perhaps
When photos fade and look the same
As thought's faint imagery
You're more than an obscure picture
Or bad memory to me
When forked roads split kindred souls
As children grow to men
The stranger far in the distance
Was once called my best friend
When I'm forgetting old faces
Confusing past with dream
I'll think of yours the way it was
Before the tragedy

My adopted brother

My adopted brother

you're from another mother,
but you'll always be my true brother.
I care for you as a real sister would,
and you know that i'll always love you as best i could.

May our friendship last forever;
May I sail upon your sea.
May we go through life together;
May there always be a we.

May I be your endless sky;
May you breathe my gentle air.
May you never wonder why
Each time you look for me, I'm there.

I will always be here for you,
even when we are both blue.
I hope i'll always have you,
I hope our feelings for each other always remain true.

I hope, for your sister, their is always a place in your heart,
i pray that we may never grow apart.
I love you as much as your baby sister could,
and i love you as much as a baby sister would.

May we share our special days,
The happiness of one for two;
And if we must go separate ways,
Let my love remain with you!

Believe me if all those endearing young charms

Believe me if all those endearing young charms
Which I gaze on so fondly today,
Were to change by tomorrow, and fleet in my arms,
Like fairy-gifts fading away,
Thou wouldst still be adored, as this moment thou art,
Let thy loveliness fade as it will,
And around the dear ruin each wish of my heart
Would entwine itself verdantly still.
It is not while beauty and youth are thine own,
And thy cheeks unprofaned by a tear
That the fervor and faith of a soul can be known,
To which time will but make thee more dear;
No, the heart that has truly loved never forgets,
But as truly loves on to the close,
As the sunflower turns on her god, when he sets,
The same look which she turned when he rose

True Friendship

True Friendship

The hands of fate have twisted again
Altered the love I was to send
She saw me with a different eye
She waved as she left a tearful goodbye
My feelings for her will go forever unseen
To be hidden away like a forgotten dream
She'll never know as I cloud my eyes
I vow forever to keep this disguise
I can never open my heart she can never see
Exactly what she means to me
I smile and wave as rain falls from above
Now I know the meaning of unconditional love

Friendship Found

Friendship Found

Our friendship is like a light forever,
Always shining bright.
Binding our thoughts together,
To keep everything alright.
People wonder about us,
Why are we so close.
What do we have in common to keep us both afloat.
Many people are searching,
To find what we have found.
The answer that you search for is found all around.
The person that you are looking for,
Is being a friend to yourself.
Once you love what you found,
You can find friendship with everyone else.

Everything You Do

Everything You Do

I was sitting here thinking
of the words i wanted to say, but they just wouldn't come out right-
so i found a differnet way

i got a piece of paper
and i wrote this poem for you,
but there's no way to thank-you
for everything you do.

for always being nice to me
and staying by my side,
and helping me fix my problems
and never leaving me behind.

for accepting my thoughts and feelings,
though you do not understand,
for never giving up on me
and being my best friend

for making me laugh-
and letting me cry
and saying you'd miss me
if i were to die

everything you mean to me
you could never know
in all the ways you've changed my life
i could never show

the way you take care of me
(you're my shining star)
and though it so increible
that's just the way you are

before i get to mushy
it's time for me to go
but before i leave this ink-filled page
there's one thing you should know

as long as we are living
no matter when or where
if you ever need me-
just call and i'll be there

i'll climb a thousand mountains
and swin a thousand sea...
anything to be there
'cause you been there for me.

A Friendship

A Friendship

Why so much hurt?
Why so much pain?
Why do we always seem to do the same thing?
Why do we hate?

Can anyone answer these questions?
Where do people go wrong?
I don't understand it,
Do you?

One day its fine,
The other its not so.
The next week its back
To the way we were.

Why so many changes,
Why can't we stay the same?
Please just answer me this,
Why do we act this way?

Why can't it just be like old times?
I don't see why not.
You say you've changed a lot,
But I can see only one thing different.

This isn't how we used to be.
This isn't the way we're suppose to act.
But I guess nothing will change,
And this is how its meant to be.

Little Everything

Little Everything

All day everyday I go around seeing girls' faces.
Many friends from grade school,
Many new friends that I have just made.
They are all moving like little bees around from class to class
As little bees move around from flower to flower.
As I hurry by I have a little smile on my face and say a little hello,
Hoping to make their little day a little bit happier.
I see many girls the need a smile and many that are sharing s mile just like me.
Hoping that the a little smile will make their day a little brighter,
Will help them have a little bit better day in every little way.
A little smile can go a long way with a person's life.
A little hello and a smile can make someone's a little bit happier.
So take the time to make someone a little happier, share a little smile and a little hello.

Gathered Here In So Much Love

Gathered Here In So Much Love

Gathered here in so much love
Hearts are so entwined
Gifts of love we think of now
Words so filled with rhyme

Together in this life we share
Love and tears and pain
Yet the hand that reaches out
Forever it remains

Holding close and loving so
Each hug we share in life
Giving us the strength to bear
When things don't turn out right

Sitting in our special pose
With love we want to share
Showing all that love is kind
Hearts shine everywhere

You will always be to me
The heart that ever glows
Sharing life with hearts so right
The beauty will overflow

Years of love we always share
You are by my side
Constant beauty in my life
Friendship now resides.

Think of me as your friend I pray

Think of me as your friend I pray
And call me by a loving name;
I will not care what others say,
If only you remain the same.
I will not care how dark the night;
I will not care how wild the storm;
Your love will fill my heart with light
And shield me close and keep me warm
Think of me as your friend , I pray
For else my life is little worth;
So shall your memory light my way,
Although we meet no more on earth.
For while I know your faith secure,
I ask no happier fate to see:
Thus to be loved by one so PURE
Is honor rich enough for me.

Have you ever felt

Have you ever felt,
the cold and lifeless hand of an infant,
gazed into their unblinking eyes,
and observed the face of death,
when masked in bittersweet innocence?

Have you ever touched your dreams,
and felt the simplistic joy,
of feeling them become reality,
only to abandon them,
for reasons you cannot explain?

Have you ever watched your family,
who once shared the greatest of loves,
suffer an unforgettable and unforgivable tragedy,
that will slowly, painfully, and inevitably,
tear them all apart?

Do you know, firsthand,
the evil that resides deep within the heart of every man,
every woman, and every child?
Have you seen its face as it randomly seeks,
a soul to torment and destroy?

Do you know the darker side of life,
the one that awakens you,
in the still of the night,
crying to the unknowable God's,
‘Save me from myself. '?

Does your heart constantly question,
whether humanity is obtainable,
in a world corrupted with suffering,
and where war,
is the favoured solution for peace?

If you really want to know me,
and understand the forces that compel me to move on,
then take these questions,
and take this pain,
for this who I am.

What's It Like?

What's It Like?

Mama, what's it like to be in love?
Oh, Mama, won't you tell me,
what's it like to me in love?
Is it the way my face gets red
every time he looks at me?
Is this the way that love feels?
Why do I suddenly want to
wear lipstick and perfume?
Do you think he'll notice me?
Mama, help me with my hair.
It has to be perfect today.
Mama, does this make me look fat?
Does this make me look like a kid?
Oh, Mama, why should I care?
Mama, guess what happened!
He talked to me today,
told me I dropped my pencil.
Oh, Mama, isn't that great!
Is this what it's like to be in love?
Oh, Mama, won't you tell me,
is this what it's like to be in love?

Which Do You Choose?

Which Do You Choose?

I ask myself whether I want to be
As open as a rose fresh and fragrant
or to be hard and cold like a rock
That weathers all that comes.
For an open rose is thrown into
A weathering storm torn and shredded it shall be.
While a rock can be hit by lightning,
Rolled by thunder, blown by wind, and poured upon
Yet it dries and seems to be unharmed.
Some say you can't be charmed?
While others are only harmed.
For I do not know any answers
I only have the questions in my mind
Those of which swirl like the sand
In the middle of the Sahara Desert.
For I do not know which I favor
The rose or the rock.

Within Me

Within Me

Scarlet lips as red as a rose,
perfect hips in a seductive pose.
On the outside this is what I may be,
but what about looking at the heart within me.

Long black hair, surrounding my face,
baby blue eyes and full of grace.
This is what most men chase,
but my soul and feeling cannot be erased.

Long, untouched legs with a snug fitting skirt,
a short and ** tube top shirt,
I take my looks with little pride,
for what I care about is what's inside.

They say that these looks are a sensation,
that I am one of God's best creations,
But all I really want is for you to see,
all the good that is within me.



Across the headlands
The forest masses
Under gray skies
And mist
Into a solid wall
Of muted gray
Through which cars
Glide skirting noiselessly
The rocky edge.
Through a window
I watch, windows are
For watching -
Square pieces of life
Ever changing.

Girl of Stone

Girl of Stone

Hard as stone
with hidden fears
she love in silence
no one hears

Eyes of ice
never to melt
locked feelings
never felt

Spirit of steel
never broken
frozen emotions
left unspoken

Heart of gold
sweet as can be
beautiful soul
she means so much to me.

Best Friends

Best Friends

Looking back through the years,
I can't believe how long
We have been best friends,
Through good times and bad.

When I needed someone to cry,
With me and laugh together
Give me a shoulder to lean on,
And a hug to make me feel better.

You know how true it is,
When you know that no matter what
Happens or goes on down the road,
That there will always be best friends.

So as time passes and days go by,
Just remember that when you need me
That no matter what time or place,
I will always be there by your side, my best friend.

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