Monday, November 15, 2010

Love - The Beauty

Love - The Beauty

Love that is shared is a beautiful thing
Life becomes richer with the joy it can bring.
It uplifts the spirits to heights that are new
When you love somebody as I love you.
Your love for me is tender and kind,
Bringing me peace in my heart and my mind
You are my lover and my best friend,
For the rest of my life on you I'll depend.
To return the love you have given to me,
And sharing the magic of love's mystery
I give you my heart, I give you my soul,
It's only with you that my life can be whole.

When I Close My Eyes...

When I Close My Eyes...

I can see your face..
My heart calls out, wanting you with me in this special place..
I can feel your arms holding me tight..
I long to snuggle close and feel all my fears take flight..
I can see your smile..
Reminding me to be patient for just a little while..
I can feel your gentle touch..
Shivers run over my skin, I miss you so much..
I can see the love in your eyes for me..
Shining brightly where all who care to look can see..
I can feel your presence surrounding me..holding me..loving me..
And I know deep in my heart our love was meant to be..

I love you...

Thought About You

Thought About You

All day long
I thought about you
Even when I tried not
to think about you
I thought about you
When I closed my eyes
I thought about you
When I opened my eyes
I thought about you
When I thought about
the beauty of the season
I thought about you
When I thought about the
warmth of the upcoming holidays
I thought about you
When I heard a love song
on the radio
I thought about you
When I checked my email
I thought about you
Even when I said goodnight
to the stars
I thought about you
And when I slipped beneath
the softness of my blanket
and gave in to the bliss
of sweet dreams
I thought about you
I just can't stop
thinking about you

Oh Love! I Have Dreamt Tonight

Oh Love! I Have Dreamt Tonight

Oh Love! I have dreamt tonight
That you have come and wiped my teary eyes
Those pearly tears you kept on your palm
& consoled me with a soothing calm

Oh Love! I have dreamt tonight
I am glad to find my love in shape of you
As you acted the way my mind wants you to act
Your heart feels the way I desired inside
& you panic the way my soul perturb in tight

Oh Love! I have dreamt tonight
By your logic My queries get an answer of every reason
That my emotion found place in your adorable heart
& thy preaches let my evilness flies away from this filthy prison

Oh Love! I have dreamt tonight
That in an elegant style you make me yours
By all the strength of your mind, heart & soul
& I believe that the world will applaud us with a cheering roar


Standing here all alone nothing around me

Standing here all alone nothing around me ,
only the deep quiet ocean...
I hear a voice. ..
i look around but no one is around me
i ask myself :
is it the voice of the waves
or is it the voice of my imagination?
no, it's whispering
more and more into my ears
i can't understand only the last three words
...suddenly i am not alone,
i can feel you next to me,
i try to touch you,
you are not here
but the voice the voice is still whispering
and i can feel you not
with your body but
with your spirit
which is surrounding me
from all around
not letting me feel alone
by whispering the words: i love you



Your beauty intoxicates all you encounter,
Yet you fail to notice,
This is your blunder,

You've had a rough time,
Though now it is over,
But yet you continue clinging to what is left over,

And in doing this your depression grows deeper,
Pulling you apart at the seams,
Causing you to unravel and fall to you knees,
Pondering desperately: "How much worse can it be? "

To ease your mind of your terrible burden,
You bargain with Satan (as if he cares),
Giving you a release, in turn for your soul:
That you believe tarnished and not worth much at all,

When all of your friends have been with you till now,
But here comes the crossroads up ahead,
They give you a choice: "Stand tall or fall down."

You have your beauty and charm,
Your intelligence and grace,
Good friends and your health,
What more does it take for you?


Tender reeds of heart
vagaries of destiny broke
like an aspen leaf shiver
eyes wander hither and thither
bosom heave high and fall
air of expectancy gather around
belief that departed would return
rainbow of colours unimpressive
clouds of sorrow hang deep
world of beauty spread around
is not worth a nickel
sands of time million curse
stricken by grief and melancholy
hounded by loneliness plenty
duress and depression walk along
like twin sisters of fate and destiny
loss of near and dear
forced to alight steps of fear
with panic not far behind
one who left behind memories galore
years passed by sweet past
gorgeous and beautiful on its own
unrivalled and non-pareil
wonder why what makes one cry
upon reflection answer crystal clear
companionship, love and affection
bonded and blended beautiful together
caressed by heavenly hand of time
guts, gumption and faith the antidote
May Lord Bless the Departed Soul

Silence, Emptiness, And Confusion

Silence, Emptiness, And Confusion

Silence builds an awful wreckage of a girl
It feeds on loneliness and creates a void
Gray shadows haunt and torment and torture
A teenager is stricken and destroyed

There is no sound of laughter or happiness here
The little one has thrown in the towel today
Somber, melancholy moods decay the soul
It is futile to hope and dream and pray

Emptiness builds a home in this woman
In this girl, this child where hollows have bred
A deepening sea of nowhereness consumes
And eats away at every connecting thread

Confusion feeds like a savage inside her,
Leaving nothing considered worthy remains
Destined to walk through life less ordinary
Alone, exiled, different and disdained.

I found your photo


I found your photo
In a box
It didn't move
It didn't talk
And every day
I looked in vain
And every day
It stayed the same
It didn't answer me
Or change
The lines across
Your face remained
Exactly where
They'd been before
I hung your picture
On a door
I lay my memories
On the floor
I put your picture
On the wall
You didn't write
You didn't call
My stomach burned
My hope grew small
I couldn't hear
Your voice at all
And in my dreams
The letters came
And when I woke
I heard your name
But the picture
Stayed the same

Is This Love Over

It's half past my bed time
and I'm still wide awake
waiting for the phone to ring
waiting for your call all day
Clock's ticking
Soft music playing
Tears starts to fall
where are you now?
What happened to you?

Have your picture beside me
but all I want is to be
close to your body
I cannot think of anything
Because all i can think of
is you
I am looking at nowhere
while wondering if you
still come
You're dominating my heart
you conquered my mind
But you're nowhere in sight

My heart is bleeding
still waiting in vain
Wondering if this is the end
Thinking that our love
is already dead
Looking for a sign
Reading between the lines
Is this love's over
tell me
it's now or never

Eternal Relations

Eternal relations Now it is the tale of dreams
Eternal friends Now it is the bees of creams
The feelings are dying in our heart
& hollow reason takes the solid part
Emotions know not when convert into the smoky vapor
How can you believe in eternity?
Someone now yours
likes to be alienated in future
without giving
Any reason any consolation
Or if he is gentle enough
Then by saying "dear! We are separated just for nothing".

In past time telepathy is enough
To contact with someone dear when he is in trouble or in a great fear
That is the power of soul the power of true heart
& now how silly we are that
We are trying to find someone eternal
Through the cyber torch, the technical art

When You

When you're online I feel
Like you're sitting right opposite me
I close my eyes and reach out for your hand
But all I find is my mouse pad

And then I type to you, telling you about my day
Anxiously awaiting your response as I wish we didn't live so far away
But it's amazing what our feelings can do
Sometimes I swear I could feel myself right next to you

Cause when we chat through a cable
The feeling is just unbelievable
I am as lost as can be in your words
And you make me feel like we're in our own perfect world

When we chat I'm so sure I can hear
You calling out for me, my dear
And when we both are sitting at our computers with out anything to say
I can almost hear you calling out for me, from miles away

When we chat I'm so sure
That I have found what I've been searching for
And somehow I know it's true
I've found everything I want in you

Element Of Nature

Element Of Nature

We all are the elements of nature
Which creates and destroys a creature
It is anoher form of "the almighty"
Which can surely effect our global society

If we want to survive for our longevity
We surely need to have some pity
Pity; not on the nature but on the humanity
So that our future brings us serenity

So why not take a pledge to beautify nature
With all our combined efforts
So that when we look forward to future
We see a world filled with the essence of nature


I can do anything that i can for you
I love you with all my heart... Do you?
I accepted..yes i do..i love you too
Today, am glad i did
For if i didn't, i would have never known
This feeling so beautiful
This feeling so divine
This feeling so pure
Your tender touch shakes me within
When you hold my hand, my heart skips a beat
When you hold me in your arms
And look into my eyes
I can feel that love
Which is all mine
You turn my tears into smile
When you call them pearls and say
Baby i cant see you crying
Today with all my heart
I want to thank you my angel
For your love,your care, your respect for me
For all this and more
That you have brought to my life
I promise sweetheart to be forever yours
To you belongs my life sweetheart
To you belongs my soul
This heart that's within me
Now beats just for you
My heart belongs to you sweetheart
And that you owe me honey
Just take me in your arms
Let me be there forever

I Love You

I Love You

I never really knew you
You were just another friend
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.
I couldn't help past memories
that would only make me cry
I had to forget my first love
and give love another try
So I've fallen in love with you
and I'll never let you go
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know
And if you ever wonder why
I don't know what I'll say
But I'll never stop loving you
each and every day
My feelings for you will never change
Just know my feelings are true
Just remember one thing
I Love You!

I slide along the edge of the stream

I slide along the edge of the stream,
Crossing the narrow road leading to it,
Search in the depth of the fussed ocean,
To find the portion reserved for me!

I wander throughout the universe,
Tracking the silvery, sparkled stars.
Conspicuously, I've was so exhausted,
My naive heart chose not to surrender!

I interrogate the reflective cloud,
It points me to the house of obscurity,
I hasten to go to the peaceful spot,
There was not even the shadow of it!

I had even walked out of boundaries,
To know whether which direction it took,
I crapped out and fell on the wrong road.
However, I was hopeful and undismayed!

Lastly, a quiescent mind appealing me,
Thus, my heart plunges under the ocean,
To strike the accuracy of the true love.
Meanwhile, I hope that it will discern it!

Quiet Emotions

I always wanted more from you
than you were willing to give;
So now we've gone our separate ways
each with different lives to live.

The bond will always be there
the friendship always intact;
But the time for us has come and gone
and the pages of time, you can't turn back.

I will always be a friend to you
and wonder how you are;
The smiles and laughter I will remember
and our fights have become painless scars.

Sometimes on those busy days
when you've a thousand things to do;
Please let me glide slowly through your mind
and spend some time with you.

In that quiet moment
when you're surprised to find me there;
Just remember even with the distance between us
I am still someone who cares.


Aasmaan tum ho zameen tum ho

Aasmaan tum ho zameen tum ho
Hay yakeen in me kahin tum ho

Jis jaga khushbu barasti hay
Ham jaante hain wahan tum ho

Ham mohabbat se jise chahen
Wo mohabbat ka phool tum ho

Tareef ho na sake jis ki
Janeman itni haseen tum ho

Roshni jis ke rahe har taraf
Wo Janat ka noor tum ho

Dil cheer dalun dushmanu ke
Agar pata ho ke wahan tum ho

Jo talab meri barha dale
Wo dil ki awaaz tum ho

Be fikar hain ham tujhe de kar
Ab mere dil ke makeen tum ho

Love is more thicker than forget

Love is more thicker than forget
More thinner than recall
More seldom than a wave is wet
More frequent than to fail

It is most mad and moonly
And less it shall unbe
Than all the sea which only
Is deeper than the sea

Love is less always than to win
Less never than alive
Less bigger than the least begin
Less littler than forgive

It is most sane and sunly
And more it cannot die
Than all the sky which only
Is higher than the sky

I went out to the hazel wood

I went out to the hazel wood,
Because a fire was in my head,
And cut and peeled a hazel wand,
And hooked a berry to a thread;
And when white moths were on the wing,
And moth-like stars were flickering out,
I dropped the berry in a stream
And caught a little silver trout.

When I had laid it on the floor
I went to blow the fire aflame,
But something rustled on the floor,
And someone called me by my name:
It had become a glimmering girl
With apple blossom in her hair
Who called me by my name and ran
And faded through the brightening air.

Though I am old with wandering
Through hollow lands and hilly lands,
I will find out where she has gone,
And kiss her lips and take her hands;
And walk among long dappled grass,
And pluck till time and times are done
The silver apples of the moon,
The golden apples of the sun.

Thy misery grows deep

Thy misery grows deep
How can this be and nothing great
The hatred of thy soul is wider than believed
No coming out nor coming close
Hurt thy and thou shall die
Die within thy heart and mind
Hate thy and thou shall be hated
Kill thy confidence and thy'll kill thou heart
Destruction is bliss
Thy destruction is greater than thou hate
Spite thy and thou shall depart from life

Don't fall too deep

Don't fall too deep
Into the death trap
There is nothing to gain
And everything to lose

You get attached
To people you don't know
Only to get hurt
For their stupid show

Your mind gets boggled
With thoughts that aren't there
Your heart gets crushed
Just so they can snicker

The internet is my trap
Just like many others
Do not fall too deep
Into your death trap

Strong and sober times of old

Strong and sober times of old
Walking, creeping towards inner time
Small cravings across the land
Wondering, thinking till time has come
Feelings amongst those of old
Haunted now and structured future
Scent of ranched tyranny
Fill the air
Touch of gold left behind
Growing pains and slender bliss
Crying lower beneath the skin
Tears pouring, listening to all was done
Nothing comes or goes
Nothing seems to change
All is still the same

Even though we are not together

Even though we are not together
I care about you more than ever
When we talk I feel so close to you
I don't know what I'm supposed to do

I have almost forgotten what you did to me
I was hurting in every part of me
I was sad knowing this is how it came to be
But now I am happy that you are there for me

I gave you my tears
I gave you my heart
You made me happy
Right from the start

When I write this now
I start to think
How happy you make me
For you and only you I must thank

I hate the way you treated me

I hate the way you treated me
I hate what you did to me

When you laughed at what I asked
When you weren't there when I passed

I loved you more than anything
I loved that you thought the same thing

You made me feel like I was in heaven
You now have me seeking a safe haven

Time Clicks as I await

Time Clicks as I await
The hour ends before my take
Sitting, thinking, waiting; my mind escapes

The day grows old as night passes
Wolves crying, coyotes howling; anticipating
Watching, staring, seeing -- nothing

Silence begins the day
as morning comes without notice
Tears begin to fall, slowly

The day moves on without hope
Wishing to be what is not to be

The sun moves to its peak
without a whisper or retreat

Time moving, but still empty
Stomach aching, curling
Still waiting

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai
mere yaar mere pyaar tere mehek mere tan man me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai
mere yaar mere pyaar tere mehek mere tan man me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai

teri kasam ha teri kasam
pyaar kabhi yeh hoga na kam dilruba hogaye tere hum

tere liye hi aaye hai hum tu hai meri jeene ki kasam
tu hi to mere shokhi sharam rab mera ab mere sajan me hai
aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dhadkan me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai
mere yaar mere pyaar tere mehek mere tan man me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai

mere geeton ka suljhan hai tu
pyaasa hoon mai aur sawan hai tu thandi si ek agan hai tu

tu megh hai aur mai damini tu raag hai aur mai ragini
oh sanam tere liye mai bani teri khanak mere kangan me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai
mere yaar mere pyaar tere mehek mere tan man me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai

aankhon se dil me uttar ke tu mere dharkan me hai

Wasting a lifetime

Wasting a lifetime
Trying to find love
Nothing happens
No hope, no girl

Suddenly see her
But ten years before
Can't do anything
Used to be friends, nothing more

Now realized affection
Can go no further
Lost a lifetime
And lost desire

Try to forget
But can't
Try to die
But don't

Mind suddenly gone
No end is near
Nothing to do now
But go on

The night we met I felt so good

The night we met I felt so good
The stars fell from heaven
The moon shined so bright
I never thought it could

But then the owls hooted
The coyotes barked
I wished it was day
My mind was polluted

The rain came pouring
The moon eclipsed
The night was blackened
By this single doing

I felt lost
I felt scared
But then morning came
And it was all just a dream

When love has come

When love has come
But soon is gone
It begs the question
Was it there

The love was lost
And never found
Lost without you
Lost without me
Lost into eternity

The love was just a figment
A figment of our minds
Something we could ponder
But never express

Was it love or just a feeling
Was it love or just healing

Healing from the hatred
The hatred of our hearts
Our past was deep and full of pain
We needed this to release the stain

For this I do not regret
The time with you that I had spent

I loved you more than

I loved you more than I have ever known
Those starry eyes
Those tender lips
You made my heart melt
Then boil into a roaring fire
I now know
What my eyes could not see
You are the only one that is for me
Many nights those tears flew
Being myself without anyone
Anyone to care about the thoughts
Looking at the sky and knowing
Many mistakes I had
Many mistakes I have had

Good-byes Are Harder Than Hellos

Good-byes Are Harder Than Hellos

Hellos are hard,
You don't know what to say,
You would look at me,
But I'd look the other way.

I blushed every time I saw you,
You talked to me every day,
You smiled, and you laughed,
But once again I looked away,

Finally one day,
You talked to me once more,
And finally I got the courage,
to say hi and not ignore.

From that point on,
We were together every day,
Until you left me,
and went far, far away.

We had to say goodbye,
They are harder than Hellos,
But after a short time,
I finally let you go.

I know it will be hard,
For both you and I,
But whenever we get lonely,
We can look up in the sky,

And I will know that God, the Father,
Is watching over you,
And you will also know,
That he's watching me, too.

He'll bring us back together,
Before too much time has passed,
And we can be together,
Once again, Once more, at Last.

A Farewell

WITH all my will, but much against my heart,
We two now part.
My Very Dear,
Our solace is, the sad road lies so clear.
It needs no art,
With faint, averted feet
And many a tear,
In our opposed paths to persevere.
Go thou to East, I West.
We will not say
There 's any hope, it is so far away.
But, O, my Best,
When the one darling of our widowhead,
The nursling Grief,
Is dead,
And no dews blur our eyes
To see the peach-bloom come in evening skies,
Perchance we may,
Where now this night is day,
And even through faith of still averted feet,
Making full circle of our banishment,
Amazed meet;
The bitter journey to the bourne so sweet
Seasoning the termless feast of our content
With tears of recognition never dry.


It was early in the morning at four,

When death knocked upon a bedroom door,

Who is there? The sleeping one cried.

I'm Azrael, Let me come inside.

At once, the man began to shiver,

As one sweating in deadly fever,

He shouted to his sleeping wife,

Don't let him take away my life.

Please go away, O Angel of Death!

Leave me alone; I'm not ready yet.

My family depends on me,

Give me a chance, O please prepense!

The angel knocked again and again,

Friend! I'll take your life without a pain,

It’s your soul Allah requires,

I come not with my own desire.

Bewildered, the man began to cry,

O Angel I'm so afraid to die,

I'll give you gold and be your slave,

Don't send me to the unlit grave.

Let me in, O Friend! The Angel said,

Open the door; get up from your bed,

If you do not allow me in,

I will walk through it, like a Jinn.

The man held a gun in his right hand,

Ready to defy the Angel's stand.

I'll point my gun, towards your head,

You dare come in; I'll shoot you dead.

By now the Angel was in the room,

Saying O Friend! Prepare for you doom.

Foolish man, Angels never die,

Put down your gun and do not sigh.

Why are you afraid! Tell me O man,

To die according to Allah's plan?

Come smile at me, do not be grim,

Be Happy to return to Him.

O Angel! I bow my head in shame,

I had no time to take Allah's Name.

From morning till dusk, I made my wealth,

Not even caring for my health.

Allah's command I never obeyed,

Nor five times a day I ever prayed.

A Ramadhan came and a Ramadan went,

But no time had I to repent.

The Hajj was already fard on me,

But I would not part with my money.

All charities I did ignore,

Taking usury more and more.

Sometimes I sipped my favorite wine,

With flirting women I sat to dine.

O Angel! I appeal to you,

Spare my life for a year or two.

The Laws of Quraan I will obey,

I'll begin Salat this very day.

My Fast and Hajj, I will complete,

And keep away from self conceit.

I will refrain from usury,

And give all my wealth to charity,

Wine and wenches I will detest,

Allah's oneness I will attest.

We Angels do what Allah demands,

We cannot go against His commands.

Death is ordained for everyone,

Father, mother, daughter or son.

I'm afraid this moment is your last,

Now be reminded, of your past,

I do understand your fears,

But it is now too late for tears.

You lived in this world, two score and more,

Never did you, your people adore.

Your parents, you did not obey,

Hungry beggars, you turned away.

Your two ill-gotten, female offsprings,

In night clubs, for livelihood they sing.

Instead of making more Muslims,

You made your children non-Muslims.

You ignored the Mua'dhin Adhaan,

Nor did you read the Holy Quran.

Breaking promises all your life,

Backbiting friends, and causing strife.

From hoarded goods, great profits you made,

And your poor workers, you underpaid.

Horses and cards were your leisure,

Money making was your pleasure.

You ate vitamins and grew more fat,

With the very sick, you never sat.

A pint of blood you never gave,

Which could a little baby save.

O Human, you have done enough wrong,

You bought good properties for a song.

When the farmers appealed to you,

You did not have mercy, this is true.

Paradise for you? I cannot tell,

Undoubtedly you will dwell in hell.

There is no time for you to repent,

I'll take your soul for which I am sent.

The ending however, is very sad,

Eventually the man got very mad,

With a cry, he jumped out of bed,

And suddenly, he fell down dead.

O Reader! Take moral from here, you never know, your end may be near change

your living and make amends or heaven, on your deeds depends.

If this poem inspires you, it can help someone else too, You know what you have to do....


Some say love, it is a river

Some say love, it is a river That drowns the tender reed
Some say love, it is a razor That leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love, it is a hunger An endless aching need
I say love, it is a flower And you its only seed

It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.
It's the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance.

It's the one, who won't be taken Who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying, That never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely And the road has been too long
When you feel that love is only For the lucky and the strong

Just remember in the winter Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun's love In the spring becomes the rose

I see you staring at me

I see you staring at me,
but you never truly see,

why I love you, oh, so much,
when you're so out of touch.

Feelings that we could have shared,
you flung behind without a care.

It seems so hard to let you go,
and the process is so slow.

I don't know whether I should stay,
and waste another day away.

I do know, though, that all this pain,
will soon drive me insane.

You don't feel me loving you,
and you just can't seem to get a clue.

You don't see me cry inside,
and in you I know I can't confide.

Yet still I find that you are blind,
to things meant to be kind.

You know nothing of my fears,
and are unaware of all my tears.

I know I really can't deny,
things I feel as I look you in the eye.

So who will help me make it though?
Who will tell me what to do?

How come every time I see your face,
for me there's never any space?

Maybe someday you'll see me differently,
so until then, I'll be waiting silently.

Silent Words Across A Screen

Silent Words Across A Screen.
How Could They Mean So Much To Me.
I Promised Myself I Would Not Cry.
Then A Silent Tear Falls From My Eye.

What Did I Do, What Did I Say,
To Make You Change Your Mind, The Day You Went Away.
Everyday, Waiting For A Sign
To Let Me Know, You Might Still Want To Be Mind.

Andother Day Comes And Goes,
I Want To Write, But I Can't, I Know.
You Said You Needed Me More Than I Needed You,
Why Would You Say That, If You Knew It Wasn't True?

Worth the Pain

We were best friends from the start
It's been ten or eleven years.

Who would of ever thought
I'd cry so many tears?

The laughter through High School
Always kept me going.

The love between the two of us
Never stopped growing.

Graduation came
And we went our separate ways.

Two years later, we met again...
Oh my, what a day!

I fell for him so hard
That I couldn't find myself.

Lost in so many emotions
I didn't know what I felt.

It was great for a while
Then I started to back away.

I took him for granted
Our relationship began to decay.

After trials of tears and fighting
He decided it would be best,

If we went our separate ways
And put our love to the test.

We tried again to work things out
But it simply didn't work.

And now my pain and selfishness
Continues to stay and lurk.

What if I'd been more open
And cared a little more?

Would he still love me enough
To not walk out the door?

My regret is that I let
Our friendship slip away.

But if I had the chance again,
I'd let him love me anyway.

For if in time we're friends again,
The pain will slowly go.

And the road we took to get us there,
We will surely know...

That it was worth to be loved
And needed at the time,

Because some people go through life
And love they never find.

My Angel From Above

Angel love Whenever I'm feeling lonely
Or maybe feeling blue
I think of all the things
All the little things you do.

Whenever I feel lousy
And seem to have a frown
I remember all the funny times
And you just turn it upside down.

Whenever I'm depressed
And need you by my side
I remember all the sweet things you say
To make the sadness go away.

When I need a shoulder to cry on
You are always there
Taking away all my fears and loneliness
when my life's a mess.

When I need a best friend and even someone to love
You are there for me, like my angel from above.

In the king’s court there were scholars many

In the king’s court there were scholars many
There were also many men of merit
After listening to the poet
All of them agreed
He was the best.
On his turban
The king’s present -
A string of pearls -
They placed.
Throughout the capital his fame spread
He is a man of parts.

The day was done
Tired of his fame
He was passing by the street
He saw at a window, a young maid
She had a blob of kumkum on her forehead
And in her hair a fresh Ashok bud
In her front was laid
A lotus leaf
With a garland of Champa flowers on it
The air was heavy with its scent.
With a deep sigh the poet said,
‘But that garland is not for me!’

My Love Is Of A Birth As Rare

My Love Is Of A Birth As Rare
As 'Tis For Object Strange And High:
It Was Begotten By Despair
Upon IMpossibility.

MagnaniMous Despair Alone.
Could Show Me So Divine A Thing,
Where Feeble Hope Could Ne'r Have Flown
But Vainly Flapt Its Tinsel Wing.

And Yet I Quickly Might Arrive
Where My Extended Soul Is Fixt,
But Fate Does Iron Wedges Drive,
And Alwaies Crouds It Self Betwixt.

For Fate With Jealous Eye Does See.
Two Perfect Loves; Nor Lets TheM Close:
Their Union Would Her Ruine Be,
And Her Tyrannick Pow'r Depose.

And Therefore Her Decrees Of Steel
Us As The Distant Poles Have Plac'd,
(Though Loves Whole World On Us Doth Wheel)
Not By TheMselves To Be EMbrac'd.

Unless The Giddy Heaven Fall,
And Earth SoMe New Convulsion Tear;
And, Us To Joyn, The World Should All
Be CraMp'd Into A Planisphere.

As Lines So Loves Oblique May Well
TheMselves In Every Angle Greet:
But Ours So Truly Paralel,
Though Infinite Can Never Meet.

Therefore The Love Which Us Both Bind,
But Fate So Enviously Debars,
Is The Conjunction Of The Mind,
And Opposition Of The Stars.

Why Do I Cry?

Why Do I Cry?

If I was never in love, then why do I cry?
How come I feel pain? I just wonder... Why?
All of these images, I can't close my eyes anymore,
Afraid of what I'll see, my head is so sore,

A pounding in the front and in the back of my head,
Thinking about all the things that were said.
She said, "You have been replaced, I've found somebody new.
I never meant it when I said I truly love you."

But I wasn't even sad, rage burned instead,
Thinking about all the lies that were said.
Running his hands through her hair and holding her dear,
All of these images just seem so near.

Am I going crazy? Am I going insane?
If I never did like her, then why all the pain?
Is it pain that I feel? Or is it jealousy, maybe greed?
Maybe it's a longing for companionship that everyone needs.

I just want back what we once had.
I just don't understand- how I can be so mad.
All of our memories as well as all of our years,
Seem to fade away slowly with the fall of each tear.

Many unanswered questions, hoping one day the pain will die...
I just don't understand... how I can possibly cry.


You could hold me

You could hold me and keep the world out at bay,
you could scold me in the nicest kind of way,
u could take my hand and step into a dream.
You could bring such joy enough to make me scream,
you could lead the way through fantasies part by part,
you could make me love and open up my heart,
you could bring to earth each and every star,
u would tell me “I love you just the way you are”,
no one could do things u do,
I could never love another the way I love you...

The Movie of Our Life

The Movie of Our Life

In the movie of our life,
starring you and me.
Hollywood is in for a treat,
wait until they see.

The stage is all ours,
so let's put on a good show.
We act these roles so well,
but they will never know.

Shakespeare seems out of date,
Romeo and Juliet got old.
Baby they have nothing on us,
so let our story be told.

We write romance scenes,
like forever had no end.
It all comes so natural,
with an amazing girlfriend.

We've only gotten started,
the end is far from now.
Nothing can break us up,
not even a broken vow.

People watch the notebook,
is that all Hollywood's got?
Girl, you and me alone,
make those scenes look hot.

They'll write a story one day,
and a movie to go with it.
Just get us to act it out,
It would be the greatest hit.

We may never be Hollywood's hottest,
Brad and Angelina will be in the past.
It will last as long as their careers,
but baby you and I will forever last.

As I See You

As I see your sweet face,
So perfect and so demure
As I look at your curves
So amazing and pure.

To me you are the most perfect woman
That I see laying so quietly for only me to see.
As I gaze upon your skin so soft and fair.
I'm so amazed at you and your flowing hair

I smile to myself at how perfect you are
And how amazingly you outshine any star
"I love you my sweet lady" I say and wish
To myself to make love to you all day.

For as I lay in our warm, sweet bed,
I smile and wish the best for us within my head.
"I love you my love", I say one more time,
Caressing your curves, so glad that you are
Truly mine.

"I love you baby", I softly say, and wish
For you sweet dreams as sleep takes you away.
And as I watch you softly fade into your dreams,
I revel in the perfection of your face and your curves
"Oh, your sweet body" I say to myself as you fade
Into darkness with dreams in you head.

I whisper to you as I see you fade fast
"Baby, I love you and I know our love will last"...
So I kiss your sweet nape as I watch you sleep,
Smiling to myself knowing that you're the woman
I so deeply want to keep.

Bring forth the lost battles

Bring forth the lost battles
Burn your anger with fierce torches,
for it shall never go away -
the pain, the sorrow and misery
from every yesterday.

Fight battles with silhouette's of men,
forging words from mouths of the dead,
as we claim the mistakes of their hearts
that can't be too far ahead.

Chase running mice with rakes of all sorts -
for they've angered the villagers time and time again.
Forget not the memories of the screams ...
they're fading away in laughter of the dreams.

Drink such wine from the limbs of our wounds,
for they've yet to cleanse a soul -
as we fight the battles we'll lose again and again...
but we shall lose them as a whole.

The Primrose

The Primrose
ASK me why I send you here
This sweet Infanta of the year?
Ask me why I send to you
This primrose, thus bepearl'd with dew?
I will whisper to your ears:—
The sweets of love are mix'd with tears.
Ask me why this flower does show
So yellow-green, and sickly too?
Ask me why the stalk is weak
And bending (yet it doth not break)?
I will answer:—These discover
What fainting hopes are in a lover.

Dil-E-Nadan! Unse Pyaar Ki Ummid Na Ka

Dil-E-Nadan! Unse Pyaar Ki Ummid Na Kar,
Sang-E-Dil Mein Jagah Dhundne Ki Koshish Na Kar,

Gar Manzoor Nahi Unko Pyaar Tera,
Bewajah Dil Lagane Ki Koshish Na Kar,

Dil-O-Dimag Se Nikal De Unko,
Justuju Bhi Unki Na Kar,

Bhool Ja Unko Agar Ho Sake To,
Ab Khayalon Mein Bhi Laane Ki Koshish Na Kar,

Suna Hai Sirf Dard, Dard Aur Dard Milta Hai Is Pyaar Ke Khel Mein,
Haar Jaa Baazi Apni, Jeetne Ki Koshish Na Kar...


A seed floating in the wind with no direction
Slowly fading away, it has no protection
Lands on the bank but sees no reflection
A choice must be made, life's intersection

Grow into a tree or fade into the past
Soar like an eagle, this spring may be it's last
A decision must be made before the dead of night
Is it time to lie down and die, or is it time to fight

It made the right choice and decided to grow
But wasn't its choice to make, of this it did not know
Already determined the seed would never be a tree
It dreams of a better life but hope is all it will ever be


The grey began to fade,
As the colours filled the sky,
The chill began to warm,
As the sun began to rise.

A lost girl found direction,
As the eastern orb rose high,
The dark sky turned to blue,
Like the colour of his eyes.

Dark turned to light,
Grey turned to blue,
Lost became found,
That's when I met you.

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