Saturday, August 3, 2013

A New Life Was Waiting

A New Life Was Waiting

Inviting - exciting - emotion
with power I had never known,
a world of unchained devotion
because you were my very own.
I had fallen in love with you.

Together we sailed in springtime
to an isle beyond seas of blue,
and when we returned, a new life
was waiting, in a valley of dreams
where I first fell in love with you.

My Forever Love

My Forever Love

Your friendship and love,
And all the wonderful things
That they bring into my life,
Are like nothing else
I have ever known.

My heart is complete
With the love we share,
And our love grows more
Beautiful each day.

I love you,
And as long as we are together,
I have everything I need.

You are with me always...
In a smile, a memory, a feeling
Or a moment we share.

You will always be
My Forever Love

Red Rose

Red Rose

Our love is that of a red rose
Whose splendor rises as the sun shows its face,
Whose petals expand further and richer
Whispering secrets of happiness and affection.

And even though with the fall of dusk
All contentment is swept away,
And the rose's petals unite as one
Reflecting any light that may endeavor to shine through,
The sun will always rise
And the rose's petals will eternally broaden
Until they fully blossom into a stunning creation.

Our love is that of a red rose
Possessing a few imperfections
That may cause evanescent wounds,
But the internal radiance
That will everlastingly bestow healing and comfort

my sweetheart

my sweetheart

So often when I am embracing you,
It seems that you exist in this world
only because of me and I exist because of you.

It's not easy to wander in this world
and not lose one's way,
but the greatest happiness of all
is in giving joy to one's beloved.

And if the king can have his throne,
and if the bird can have his Spring nest,
and God can have his heaven,
then I, my sweetheart, I can have you!

As Long As You're Near

As Long As You're Near

The first time we met, I could see,
That you and I, were meant to be.
Your eyes were so gentle, your smile so true,
When you first held my hand, I just knew.

Now the time has gone by, through laughter and tears,
These days I shall cherish, for years upon years.
Those memories we have, shall never fade,
For those are the steps, that we have made.

That was the past, the future is near,
I anxiously wait, for what will appear.
New homes, more laughter, and children so dear,
Everything will be wonderful, as long as you're near.

While I Wasn't Looking

While I Wasn't Looking

Today I sit here wondering
How I got so very old,
Time surely passes fast,
So why wasn't I told?

There were so many things
I always wanted to do,
Plus the many places
I planned to visit too.

There are those new people,
Who moved in up the street,
They've lived here for years now,
But we have yet to meet.

It seemed I had plenty of time,
I could always do it tomorrow,
Now the time has almost run out,
And I have this deep feeling of sorrow.

I'll have to reschedule my life,
Try to do as much as I can,
I'll go and see, meet and greet,
As my life's embers I fan.

For my remaining time is mine to use,
To enjoy and relish as I desire,
Giving me days of pleasure,
As to my dreams I aspire.

I plan to seek new friends
And visit lots of new places,
I'll enjoy revisiting my past,
And seeing old familiar faces.

I'll use to it's fullest
The time God lets me keep,
Over the time I wasted,
I will not lose sleep.

Ahead is the way I must look,
Not wasting time over the past,
For I cannot add a single second,
To the moment that is my last.

I love you with a permanence

I love you with a permanence
That endures the passing years.
I love you with a joyfulness
That subdues all doubts and fears.
I love you with an honesty
That was born within my heart.
I love you with the calm belief
That we will never part.
I love you with a confidence
No earthly force can sever.
I love you with the certainty
That I’ll cherish you forever.
I love you with the humbleness
Of one who has been blessed.
I love you with the reverence
Of all that word suggests.
I love you with a fervor
That time cannot reverse.
I love you with the truest love
That poets put to verse.

My heart forever lies with you

My heart forever lies with you
And I know that you love me too
I want you to know just how I feel
And that this feeling is real.

Tonight I wanna let go of all my fears
Cry all of my uncried tears
Hear all of the things I wanna hear,
Know that you'll always be near.

Because love can be so beautiful
Especially when I'm with you
Kiss me like there's no tomorrow
Just in case tomorrow never comes.

Warmth spreads throughout me at your touch
Love spreads throughout me from your kiss
All I can think is, 'I love him so much
And I want him to know I'm glad I'm his.

Because love can be so beautiful
But mostly when I'm with you
Kiss me like there's no tomorrow
Just in case tomorrow never comes.

We've reached a level of understanding
Far beyond what I ever imagined
I don't know what I'd do without you,
Your sweet love and lingering kiss.

Because love can be so beautiful
But only when I'm with you
Kiss me like there's no tomorrow
Just in case tomorrow never comes.

For the longest time

For the longest time
Have I longed to touch thy face
To kiss thy beautiful lips
And feel the warmth of thine embrace.

For the longest time
Have I longed to hold thee near
And whisper sweet caresses
From my mouth into your ears.

For the longest time
Have I longed to sing out loud
Of the passion that I'll feel
When we dance beneath the clouds.

For the longest time
Have I longed to be with thee
To join my heart with your soul
Until you're the greatest part of me.

For the longest time
Will you and I be together
Until our fantasies have become realities
And our spirits have become one forever.

I want to share with you

There is so much I want to share with you,
But my words are lost within me
I have so many emotions
How do I make you see

Life is not that simple
Hear this from my heart
Our love will concur all
As we stand here at the start.

Not speaking to you is killing me
You there and me here
But one day soon that will change
And I will finally have you near.

The Angels they did send you
The day that we met
Our love will last forever
As in concrete it is set

Come fly, fly with me baby
Oh come fly with me
We can explore our love together
And set our emotions free

For the skies are without limits
And the tree tops we sour too
Perched upon a branch
Our love is forever true

I never meant for this to happen
But I am sure glad it did
Hearing your love and laughter
Makes me feel like a kid

Please never doubt my love
What is shared between you and me
Cause I am here to hold you
You just wait and see

But for now, I have to be patient
And except our destiny
But I promise you this my darling
You are forever within me

Leaving and Leaving You

Leaving and Leaving You

When I leave you postcode and your commuting station,
When I left undone all the things we planned to do
You may feel you have been left by association
But there is leaving and leaving you.

When I leave your town and the club that you belong to,
When I leave without much warning or much regret,
Remember, there's doing wrong and there's doing wrong to
You, which I'll never do and I haven't yet,

And when I have gone, remember that in weighing
Everything up, from love to a cheaper rent,
You were all the reasons I thought of staying,
And none of the reasons why I went

And although I leave your sight and I leave your setting,
And our separation is soon to be a fact,
Though you stand beside what I'm leaving and forgetting,
I'm not leaving you, not if motive makes the act.

I am shut out of mine own heart

I am shut out of mine own heart
because my love is far from me,
nor in the wonders have I part
that fill its hidden empery:

The wildwood of adventurous thought
and lands of dawn my dream had won,
the riches out of Faery brought
are buried with our bridal sun.

And I am in a narrow place,
and all its little streets are cold,
because the absence of her face
has robb'd the sullen air of gold.

My home is in a broader day:
at times I catch it glistening
thro' the dull gate, a flower'd play
and odour of undying spring:

The long days that I lived alone,
sweet madness of the springs I miss'd,
are shed beyond, and thro' them blown
clear laughter, and my lips are kiss'd:

And here, from mine own joy apart,
I wait the turning of the key: -
I am shut out of mine own heart
because my love is far from me.

Time Long Past

Time Long Past

Like the ghost of a dear friend dead
Is Time long past.
A tone which is now forever fled,
A hope which is now forever past,
A love so sweet it could not last,
Was Time long past.

There were sweet dreams in the night
Of Time long past:
And, was it sadness or delight,
Each day a shadow onward cast
Which made us wish it yet might last,
That Time long past.

There is regret, almost remorse,
For Time long past.
'Tis like a child's belovèd corse
A father watches, till at last
Beauty is like remembrance, cast
From Time long past.

Time Long Past...

I can wait for her all life long

I can wait for her all life long!

Her moves give me the thrills,
Her smile gives me the chills!
With joy my heart spills,
When we meet over the hills!

When she comes the time stands still,
And with her love my heart fills!
I know love needs strong wills,
And I don' care that it even kills!

Her love has cast on me a charm,
Now nothing can do me no harm!
Even on ice I can stay warm,
Dreaming my chest's under her arm!

My love for her has grown so strong,
Nothing she does looks wrong!
Even if she takes a lifetime to come,
I can wait for her all life long!

You'll find someone

You'll find someone

Age of six
He loved her so
And everyday
He'd let her know

"I love you Grace"
He'd say each day
She'd just laugh
And run away

Till one day
She turned around
And sat with him
On the playground

"I'm sorry Chris
I don't love you
You'll find someone else
Who loves you too"

Highschool came
They met again
They laughed about
The things back then

They began to date
And fell in love
He got the girl
That he'd dreamed of

But when college came
Everything changed
They were far apart
With lives rearranged

"We'll be fine Grace"
But she had doubt
She turned and said
"It won't work out"

"I'm sorry Chris
I can't love you
You'll find someone else
Who loves you too"

In their twenties
They met again
They laughed about
The things back then

He took her hand
They began to dance
Their old romance

Two years later
She became his wife
They'd be together
All of their life

They went on a drive
When it was no longer light
They drove down the roads
Of the starry night

The music came on
She started to sing
He whispered, "Grace
You're my everything"

But then suddenly
In one big flash
Headlights shone
As their car crashed

He saw her laying
Down on the ground
He felt his tears
Start rolling down

"Grace..." he cried
She took his hand
"I have to leave...
Please understand"

"I love you so much
It's always been true
But you'll find someone else
And you'll love again too"

"No," he cried
"It's always been you
I don't want someone else
I only want you"

And there on that street
Is where he cried
Hugging his love
As she slowly died

The shadows move freely Dancing in the rain

The shadows move freely
Dancing in the rain
She longs to join them
Price of freedom is to hide her pain

She wants to feel the water
Cascading down her face
Washing away all that hurt
So that it leaves behind no trace

She can never genuinely laugh
It's never been that easy
Smiling is a constant struggle
She's too mature to be carefree

She's grown up
In a very short span of time
She was forced to learn it all
Enduring it alone, her only crime

She wants to trust and love
But has been let down too much
She cares more than she should
Always starving for a healing touch

Conscience is her personal hell
Respite a fleeting dream
She never gives up though
Her pillows muffle her screams

Tears are a daily ritual
Going on night after night
She's ashamed of herself
She's afraid of losing the fight

But her enemy is smarter
It knows her weakness is her selfless heart
So who is this cruel being?
…On life's stage, she herself plays the part

I won’t forget that fateful summer

I won’t forget that fateful summer
And I won’t forget the beautiful day
I won’t forget the precious moment
When you finally looked my way.

I was shocked, a little surprised
In plain words, I was hypnotized
Love, I thought I surely knew
And then I lost my heart to you.

My seconds turned to hours
I lost complete sense and my mind
I foolishly confessed my undying love
And yet to reality, I was so blind.

You played with all my devotions
Took over my heart, my emotions
You lied to me a thousand time
So many, I lost count of the crime.

I loved to hear your voice, your laugh
I confess this from deep down my heart
It hurts to know you lied with such craft
When all I did was believe you from the start

Don’t know why I was so surprised
To hear of the plan you long ago devised
I should have known better than to trust
Falling so hard, so fast wasn’t just.

You left me so broken and in tears
You left me all alone with my fears
I lost myself, my dreams, & hope in love
So I let the tears fall as I gazed up above...

Totally farfetched simple lies

Totally farfetched simple lies
Begin to creep in all the ties

Cold hard truths, just too bitter
Limited knowledge earns the favor

They shamelessly fall from your lips
And every time I watch you slip

Is the fight worth the self inflicted pain?
Your sanctioned suicide is an effort in vain

The reality is hidden behind emotional haze
The arrogance, I'd like to believe, just a phase

I'm lieing to myself though
I know change for you is impossible
Because there is quite a lot of difference
Between fantasy and the actual

I believe too much in the good
When it's the liar that wins
The truth gets muddled and lost
Behind your committed sins

I am still battling the demons
Trying to gain victory
I'd like to believe that it's worth it
Even as you ignore my plea

Truth shall win and rein
Above the unbelievers and all
I've become so confused in my search though
I don't know whether to take this fall

Will I gain as all the others before me
Or lose myself somewhere along the way?
I wish I was sure of you
But you're unpredictable, always leading me astray

You use everything against me
Your eyes, your voice, your presence
I can't believe its you that breaks me
With your deceitful appearance

I follow blinding every time
Falling hard and fast
It's too hard to catch myself
I always know before hand, my act won't last

You tempt me everytime
I get swayed knowing I'll be hurt
I can't help but believe you though
The promise of comfort too hard to avert

So who am I fighting?
My self or you?
Who will eventually win
The lie or the truth?

I've lost my grip on reality
No point in my vain outcries
You might win in the end
You and your sugarcoated lies.

If I suddenly decided to leave and not look back

If I suddenly decided to leave and not look back
How would that affect us and what we had?

How would it make you feel?
If after all these year of being there, I decided to leave?

Would it matter if I said I still want you?
Would you believe that I need you to make it through?

Shutting my eyes won't alter this cruel reality
I just wish I knew another way to end this misery

Because thinking of you always brings up old memories
And I can't think of anything worse so I deem my life; a tragedy

Other's ask me why I hold on, what I see in you
I just shrug because quiet frankly even I don't know the truth

But wait a minute; I shouldn't have to justify my affections for you
The love kind of loses its purpose if I have to define its value

I am sorry I can't just erase the years of my life
Even though long ago you slayed my heart with a knife

Yeah, call me stupid, insane or just plain obsessed
I just think you're afraid of letting me in; my feelings are just too intense

I don't know why you're scared of committing
I don't believe the talks of you not being worth it

I gave you my heart and I realize you never asked for it
Fine I may have been naïve before but now it's much more; just admit

I change the topics around my friends if you’re the subject
I can't have them know that I lied and my life is far from perfect.

I try to be strong when I see you each and every day
When all my emotions are packed in a single moment where our eyes cross their way

Still I guard my heart from everyone along with the tears and pain
I gotta admit I've gotten better at it, doing it again and again

But today I'll have you know that not everything you see is true
All the happiness is just an illusion, something only you can view

I know all that I go through is my own doing
Since I've always hid the truth from you to protect you from suffering

I don't want you to go through what I go through every day
It's not as easy to be dying inside but still act like everything is okay.

I feel so empty

I feel so empty
Utterly alone and lost
Feelings of despair and forlorn
My heart can't possibly be more torn

With each passing second
And each single beat
I am losing the old battle
Hiding muffled screams

Your hold gets stronger
Day by day, week by week
Until I hit rock bottom
To be the victim your memory seeks

I have been fighting this
For longer than was necessary
I try to move on and forget
Walk away from the misery

But you're tucked away
In the deepest corners of my heart
Each beat just brings me closer
Right back to the start

I want to forget you completely
To the point of not knowing your name
It hurts too much to know that
I can't be with you, its life's cruel game.

I've tried forgetting you
Tried to hate you
But it's hard to ignore you
From my mind, you're never gone.

I could probably forget you
If the sun rose from the west
I would stop thinking about you
If I could stop breathing and let it rest

So it always has been
Could've, would've, should've
I keep hoping to gain your attention
Hoping it would be my heart's healing salve

Just for once I want to be loved,
Cherished by a boy
And have him in my life as
Someone I could trust

I want to erase your memories
Imprint over the past
With him by my side
I hope my heart would last

Just to have him love me
And take away the pain
Acceptance and understanding
I'd give anything to keep me sane.

Wishing he would enter my life
Any second, any day now
I've waited too long
I just want to get rid of you somehow

I keep wishing for a miracle
Every morning, every day
In the end, I try not to be discouraged
For tomorrow could destroy the pain, be my day

It's frustrating to know
You're the reason for my constant sorrow
In the back of my mind, in my heart
Your memory will always be a shadow

Anything from your eyes to your smile
Entrances me and weakens my resolve
Maybe because inside my heart
You always did and always will live on.

Don't pretend to ignore my absence

Don't pretend to ignore my absence
Drop the act, banish the silence
…i dare you

Feel my heart clutched in your palm
Let go off inhibitions, overlook petty qualms
…i dare you

Dispel the coldness, dismiss the indifference
Recognize the passion just this once
…i dare you

Push against the cage of emotions
Don't settle for appearances, dig deeper
…i dare you

My actions tend to speak louder than words
I plead at you to learn, to love, to hope and trust
…i dare you

I can't let go baby, you're holding on
Release me, I want to disappear…simply gone
…i dare you

And yet you have me unintentionally hypnotized
Subconsciously tied to all your pain, cynicism and lies

Make it easier on me I plead, beg…behest
Love me to your limits, I won't resist being possessed

I gave up fighting so long ago
Now, my feelings upon you I freely bestow

But if my requests seem too much for you
Just ignore me since my feelings, you've already deplored

Please remember even if your indifference kills me
My soul will always love you, just try and argue
…I Dare You

your broken hope will keep me alive

How do I make you see that for me?
This was supposed to be…

Being with you was what I had hoped for
Indifference was the only thing I had in store

Why can’t you see that I’m hurting?
Yeah, slowing killing me

I know I mean little to you
Just a presence, just another girl

But what kills me is to know and see
You remain within reach but never with me

I may be a fool to believe all the lies
The fairy tales tell me to dream… stay alive

Just seeing you laugh gives me strength
In that one moment I live my entire life...until the end

I wish on the stars to make you mine
I know that might never happen even with time...

But what keeps me going is seeing you happy
Even if you brushed me off that day, rather coldly

There’s so much more to you than meets the eye
I can help you and show you love, just let me try

I can see you’re detached and maybe once hurt
I wish I could destroy that pain, just be your comfort

You won’t let me close to a heart that just needs care
It’s guarded from anything good, hidden behind despair

My pleas fall on deaf ears as I try and make sense
You’re so far gone with only arrogance as your defense

I’m still standing here, I refuse to leave
Because maybe, just maybe you might need me

It could be now, tomorrow or maybe even never…
I won’t give you a chance to find yourself alone, now or ever

My broken fantasy may never come alive
But once you realize my worth don’t shrive

Once you find the one you think is meant for you
Be with her and show her love meant for two

Love the one you’re with and I may live through her
Don’t ever let tears in her eyes, cherish her through ever after

I’ll still be around, looking over you both
I just wanted for you to trust love, believe in the sacred oath

And know that if by chance I disappear or ever fall apart
It’s because I’m lost on my way through your heart.

I may find my way and I may survive
Just maybe, your broken hope will keep me alive…

Let me go

Let me go
Please set me free
Don't clip my wings
See me fly higher, let me be

Don't call me back
To this wretched world of hate
I just want to fly
Far out; to a different place

Over the moon and
Into the world unknown
I hope I will find happiness
And never be alone

Just don't let jealousy blind you
Admire my spirt and colour
Don't set a trap for me
For I might somehow return the favour

I hope I meet someone there
Worthy of my company
I'll try not to condemn the past
So I can escape the misery.

But it's just a far of surreal dream
I am scared of shattering the mirage
That other world could all just be a picture
An inviting but lifeless collage.

But I will take that chance
Risk everything in search of the special.
And maybe I will find it or
Lose everything for a life too simple

So let me go
And smile and wave goodbye
I promise I will return
To bring back happiness; I will serve as your ally.

When it was dark all around

When it was dark all around
And I couldn’t separate dreams from reality
You were the only one who came around,
Supported who was and who I wanted to be

So thank you friend,
I know you’re the one I need

There have been countless times
When with my opinion, no one agreed
Yet you gave me unconditional support
Only you knew it was what I need

When there was noise all around
And I couldn’t seem to hear myself think
You were the only one who came around,
And pulled me up before I could sink

So thank you friend,
I know you’re the one I need

There have been countless times
When I didn’t even make sense to myself
Yet you gave me unconditional understanding
Rendering my doubts and confusions, powerless

You gave me love and support
When I least deserved it
You taught me it was okay
My mistakes, I could admit

So thank you friend,
I know you’re the one I need

You are always there
To catch me when I fall
You never complain
You seem to endure it all

You are always there
Through my successes and failures
All become personal to you
You help me right my errors

So thank you friend,
I know you’re the one I need…

Tell me how you knew
This was what I seek
Tell me how you knew
Friendship was what I need.

No matter what I decide

No matter what I decide
Certain things I can't forget
Sometimes I can't help it though
The past, I can't let go yet

I've fought with myself over the years
To tell you the truth, I've never won
I didn't ever give up pretending though
And sadly helpessness became my friend

Hm, everything was meant to happen
It was my "destiny," my "fate"…
There is no answer to "why me?"
Indecisiveness is what I'm starting to hate

It's not meant to be a test of strength
And it's hardly ever easy to ignore
But I am learning to live with it
To get over it, there is no cure

Now I've stopped hating myself
And erased the word weak from my dictionary
I accepted life, accepted my feelings
Hoping it will set me free…

It’s the same face I see

It’s the same face I see
Of someone you used to be
Now so lost in the haze of time
Still awake in the memories of mind

Calling out to your heart and soul
I cannot reach out or hold
Losing what once belonged to me
Tears take over my love for thee

Your voice akin to music, to sirens
Tortures me, torments and weakens
As memory seeps in and love evolves
Barriers and shields melt and dissolve

Constantly suffering, caring so deeply
Wishing to fake indifference isn’t easy
Etching your name on this broken heart
I never left, I am right here at the start

Emotions lay dormant in my being
Realization that yes, you’re missing
Questioning the immoral love of mine
Criticizing the innocent victim of a crime

Forever writing your name with mine
You and I could be love defined
This vicious cycle, I want to break
Love me so the pain can escape

This feeble heart is seeking comfort
Anything so the attention can divert
Can't forget you existed and smiled
Call back innocence, coax out my inner child

Thousands of times, again and over
Regurgitating crippled vows, being sober
Appealing and begging to the man in you
My angel, you were someone I once knew.

You are my mistake

You are my mistake...
You are my harmless sin...
You are my only choice...
You are the loser’s win...

...I loved you in spite of reality
...Only you can set me free
...I can’t love anyone but you
...Why can’t you love me too?

You are an honest lie...
You are the saint’s vice...
You are my addiction...
You are truth disguised...

...Please tell me you love me
...You are my guilty pleasure
...I need you, can’t you see?
...Love is hidden treasure I seek

You are summer’s snow...
You are a sinner’s prayer...
You are a liar’s alibi...
You are practicality’s dare...

..Beautiful illusion, nature’s call
...I need him God, I want more
...No it’s not me, not me at all
...Yes, I can be yours but are you sure?

You are the desert’s flower...
You are the night’s sun...
You are burning ardor...
You are love and hate, two in one...

...Affection and care, I freely give
...I love you, I need you to live
...It’s you I see in my dream at night
...Your memory calls me and I lose the fight.

Your face full of innocence

Your face full of innocence
You’re eyes like the deep sea...
...Just the barest of caresses
That’s how I imagine your touch to be

Your talks, your laugh, your jokes
With you I feel so alive, so free...
...Just warmth, a presence I need
That’s how I imagine your hug to be

You know my mind, my heart
You know what I feel when others can’t see...
...Just a touch, a plea for affection
That’s how I imagine your kiss to be

You make me smile when I’m in tears
You listen to me and care so deeply...
...Just understanding, silent empathy
That’s how I imagine your love to be

You are the shoulder I cry on
You’re always there when I’m lonely...
...Just desire, passion, powerful emotions
That’s how I imagine our union to be

You make me laugh, you make me happy
You can unlock my heart, you have the key...
...Just acceptance, complete security
That’s how I imagine our life to be

You want me, you need me
I always knew we were meant to be
You’re with me and you’ll never leave
Oh, it’s Just a fairy tale dream?
...I see, I see...

Under shattered hopes and dreams

Under shattered hopes and dreams
Under my heart, its scattered debris
Lies your memory and my love for you
Unscathed, unmarred, alive with hope anew

You’re a part of my conscience, my being
You’re in my thoughts, stalking my memory
I don’t want to forget you, I don’t want to try
Loving you with my whole being I can’t deny

You’re the hope that keeps me alive
You’re the reason I can still live and smile
Tears and pain are part of life and heartache
Sweetheart, you’ll always be my favorite mistake.

I looked to the left

I looked to the left,
I looked to the right,
Made the mistake of forgetting,
I will never find respite

Future was promising
The past only filled with pain
There was no reason to reflect
On regrets too inane

So then why did my life
Turn upside down
When I only followed advice
That our successors passed around?

After years of suffering
I decided to leave it behind
Thinking I made the right choice
When I decided to pay it no mind

Still the lingering shadows
Of those haunting memories
Didn't leave me in peace
Hell, in the future, the pain just increased

So how can people say
Wounds will fill, time heals all
When I am the living proof
That I never recovered from the fall

How can people say
Just let it go and you will heal
When I know better and know
That time only exposes and reveals

After time you might learn the art of diguise
Still the past is there, always alive
And it just becomes harder and harder
To keep smiling and pretend like you care.

A childish attempt at capturing the lost innocence

A childish attempt at capturing the lost innocence

A wish to be Cinderella was all I had
Sadly my prince went and lost the shoe
I tried being Sleeping Beauty instead
But how to wake me up, the prince had no clue

Well, I had always liked Ariel the best
Why not sing my feelings, my love for the prince?
I sang for so long and he never heard me once
But I haven’t stopped singing ever since

Fair and pretty Snow White knew true love
Her prince saved her from a horrible death
Her enemy was defeated successfully
But I can’t see my enemy; I fight memories instead

Belle accepted the Beast happily
She loved with her heart’s eyes
I overlooked your faults and loved too
Yet you can’t see me, you don’t hear my cries

I picked Jasmine over the others
She chose Aladdin, followed her heart
I tried to do the same in my life, I loved you
But being mortal, my life fell apart

I soon realized that I wasn’t a princess
I was never meant to be
I didn’t have a magic genie
There was no prince for me

I wasn’t the fairest of them all
I didn’t have a magical voice
I could only rely on my love for you
And that you were my own choice

My heart screamed, wake up this is reality
Wishes you read never come true
But I never saw it
I was so blinded by my love for you

I know the fairy tales know dreams
They know wishes and wants too
But sadly they only depict reality
If you’re a character in a book

A good long part of the journey we call life

A good long part of the journey we call life
Is spent with one we seem to need and like
But how come with the passage of so much time
That same relationship is not even worth a dime?

Does the love disappear or was it always an illusion
Why does the tie that binds them together, weaken
How is it possible to just think of it as a compromise
Why do all problems present no solution or even arrise?

There is nothing to be gained from following such a pattern
Because love is always there but after time just needs attention
Is that too much to give after all those year of triumph and joy
Where those two people shared everything but now can only destroy?

Why aren't they willing to work on the small problems
Or console each other and bring life back on the same rhythm
All it would take is a little effort on each of their parts
But alas they are too damn stubborn to realize their faults

Both of them seem to be right in their own respective positions
But what they don't realize is that their own suffer and weaken
Their fights affect the ones around them, their blood, their children
Still they don't seem to notice the kid's pain so their worth cheapens

Poor helpless souls, torn between the two they love
They end up blaming themselves for things they haven't done
So I ask, whoes fault is it and who should be held responsible
For the suffering of those children, ruined lives that were once blissful?

And its understandable because the parents are also human
Totally entitled to changing their life so they can choose what happens
Maybe they can't compromise or sacrifice their happiness anymore
But is that happiness worth gaining if it leaves your family totally torn?

Don't the lives that they created together matter at all?
How can they just look at those innocent faces and not notice the invisible wall?
The one that they have created between their kids and a normal future
Something that affects not only their lives but those of their children

I can't seem to understand how those two fail to see the wreck they've caused
When its so blatanly simple that everyone pitys their children all that they lost
But those two still wrapped up in their own needs and blaming each other
Are forever blind to the pain they're causing, building a new life that won't have any worth

The only sad part is that they may never realize that or maybe too late
But regrets at that point won't be worth anything because time doesn't wait
They may finally realize their faults and look back for forgiveness
But the kids have moved on too starting the same circle over again…

The Night

The Night

As I gaze out at the dark night sky
Looking towards millions of stars
I contemplate the future illustrated
Reaching beyond limits, out and far.
And as the time flows past me second by second
I reach out to the dreams that I have weaved
Slowly seeing them manigest into reality right before me
Stopping time to capture the moment, the silence in me.
I slowly weigh my options and the paths that I could take
To achieve the happiness, the single goal, my only hope.
My mind wanders ahead of the present
And I try to understand all the mysteries around
Like how to be content with life's secret silence
Because it can sometimes make the most sound.
Sometimes its not about the answers that we can find
But asking the right questions that can help us
Since its more about enjoying life rather than wishing for time to rewind.
As all the voices drown, leaving the darkness as my only solitude
I forget all my tensions and let myself go in the beautiful moment.
Nothing else matters other than that peaceful moment and its value
To experience it, cherish it, breathe it, concieve it I am allowed.
Yes, the darkness is me and I am the darkness
This is how it shall be for now and ever after.

My Demise

"My Demise"

Maybe if your memory struck me once again,
Piercing my heart and soul in deep
The oceans of tears would abate
The ones hugging my lashes,
The ones that refuse to leave...
One more tear could be the limit,
Yet as that notion is marred by my subconscious
My heart knows no boundaries exist.
Maybe your warm eyes
Could melt my heart, its ice,
Maybe it could extinguish the fire
Consume the insurmountable desire inside.
Pain stalks this soul of mine
Wreaking havoc, immortalizing the chaotic times.
Oh...It’s such a burden this strange mess
That eruptions leave me buried under
Mayhem left by a defeat, a game-
A treacherous game of emotional chess.
My eyes slide shut, heart slowly beating,
Your memory tortures, eludes sleeping.
A million thoughts per beat, a second,
Suddenly I can’t be still, its hard to keep breathing!
Suppressed and crushed, only true love can survive
Your scent buried within reassures me,
I’m still alive.
My mind slowly empties
Apathy becomes my lullaby,
The plumes of smoke witness and mock
While I burn alive and my defenses die.
Yet...distantly, so distantly, I hear your call
Ohhh, the sweet melody beguiled!
You knew I’d follow you through hell and back
You knew I’d take this fall.
I cherish every wound
My heart wears in your memory
Love me again, have mercy!
I swear I have account for every tear-
That befell my sinful eyes, screaming misery.
Alas you knew my weakness
Your love, memory, scent, voice
I can’t fight you love
With open arms I welcome my sweet demise...
I can’t defeat the one, the love that beats in me
I’ve given in, lost to the fervor, the dream
It begins so that once again... you’ve claimed me.

In Life

In Life

The past, the present and the future
Brings forth the three mediums of life
Interwined together in perfect hamony
One follows the other through the passage of time

Beautiful innocent memories of childood
Baking cookies and late night sleepovers
Petty little fights over favourite toys
Innocent discoveries of the backyard bringing delight

Mother's gentle voice and kisses over scareped knees
Father's lessons of life absorbed with a second's speed
The simplest of things, like a twinkling star
Made us smile and reach out towards God

As time went on, the lessons got harder
Looking for purposes or our place in the world
Trying to look for answers or just asking the right questions
Many nights spent crying, but in the end realizing life's worth

Helping friends through life's lessons and tough times
Breaking down, falling and reaching out towards light.
All hard learned lessons, making us stronger beyond measure
Ultimately adding to our being as a whole, a complete person

Now, looking out beyond the horizon
Our place in the world
Searching for our goal, our destiny
Realizing its worth

Everything seems to accumulate
At a certain point in life
In that peaceful moment
Where silence engulfs the night

We contemplate our actions and
Choose our paths, make our decisions
Putting ourselves through the test
Using knowledge and experience of our parents

We emerge as a new and whole person
With new creations and ideas for a better world
Starting life with the knowledge from the past
With all the best hope for the future and making it last

That's ultimately what life is all about
An endless dance that goes on and on
We are all a link in the chain
And without each and everyone of us
It would not be the same…

Marked on this day since the start

Marked on this day since the start
Your name engraved on my heart
Feelings and moments meant so much to me
Yet you treated love so carelessly.

All paths from my heart lead straight to you
There is no right or wrong in decisions
If you're the object of my affections
And you're the destination my heart seeks.

Sometimes I can't help it though
Somethings I just can't let go...

Your love for my love
Your heart for mine
Your loyalty for my submission
Your presence till the end of time...

Emotion tears and pains

This all consuming vortex
Emotion, tears and pains
Are all rolled into one

The hole is getting bigger
Time became so relative

No where to go
No where to escape
I’ve already lost
It’s already too late

Need to run away
Hide from this all consuming pain
I’ve never wished for an end this much
Indifference is what I want to fake

Too many nights now
Too many tears
I’ve lost count
All I am left with is fear

I look in the mirror
Unable to recognize
I’ve lost myself
No one seems to hear my cries

I try to fake happiness
Paste on the perfect smile
Desperately hoping to
Hide the scars and feel worthwhile

At 12 at night
I stare at the ceiling
Unable to fall asleep
Asking myself to be incapable of feeling

These vain attempts
Futile tries
Normalcy a far of dream
Day by day some thing in me dies

This black hole increases
It’s crushing me
Taking my breath away

I can’t seem to escape
I’m being pulled in
Won’t anyone hear?
Allah please don't let this begin...

Shadows of My Past

Shadows of My Past

Shadows of my past are hauting me again
Feelings of despair are just pouring like rain
It feels like the hands of time have travelled back
Leaving me with hundreds of emotion that quietly attack

To be able to breathe freely again seems like a feat too great
But I am afraid to try, thinking that maybe its too late
If I could truly express myself and say what I want
I would erase the shadows that seem to haunt

But my confusing emotions still linger
Forcing me to acknowledge events I want to forget
I hoplessfly search the shadows
Still lost in feelings that turned shallow and left me upset

Although as I lose myself in memories I can't help myself
I beckon these shadows to return and help
Irnonically they keep me from losing my sanity
Even though in the end the encounter adds to my misery

It's such a frustrating dichotomy that leaves me torn
That my subconscious and I argue and later mourn
Because in the end its neither our fault
We fall short in a weak moment and submit to the feelings that assault

So it's pretty obvious that respite from the shadows is impossible
I myself brought on the pain and regard freedom as a wish too wistful
Still in the moments where the pain becomes too much to bear
I scream and cry for everything to disappear

I guess it's a never ending cycle that will only stop with time
I see myself missing major parts of life, and time I can't follow,
So in the end of all that pain and confusing solutions
It's sad to know how I hold on and can't let go.

Verdict of Oblivion

Verdict of Oblivion

Lost on my way through your heart
Searching for lost feelings, my soul,
Summoning back the sanity you took
All the moments and laughs you stole

The past flashes before mind’s eye
As time slowly slips through my hand
Reenacting the forgotten love n’ affection
I free myself from love’s hold of quicksand

Nostalgic reminiscing plays over and over
Memories turn to tears n’ continually fall
Your love as my own Achilles heel
Forces the forsaken wishes to recall

The conceded scent of seven roses
The one that alludes to love of seven lives
Refuses to perish and leave my senses
The true poison so skillfully disguised

Knocking on locked doors over again
Luring out the secret silence, broken smiles
Seeping through cracks as sedative smoke
I somehow cover distances marked by miles

The misery forever fuelled by love
It causes each beat to disintegrate
As each breath leaves in agony
It’s the verdict of oblivion I await.

The details haven't worked out yet

The details haven't worked out yet
Things are not set,
So like I said
It's all in my head…
There’s a bit of me in you
There’s a bit of you in me
Whose to judge God’s will,
Maybe it was all meant to be...
Turn your back on me and ask for an eternity
I’d stay standing, waiting right where you left me
Yeah, take your time, make up your mind,
I’ve only got about...the rest of my life...

The heart of a man

The heart of a man
Is so easy to win
But to keep it
Is a whole different thing

It isn’t so hard
He lies and you believe
Knowing it’s an illusion
Hope keeps you alive

No, he can, he will change
Love can make it better.
Just a little longer,
Till then hold on, please pretend

Pretend that he loves
Even if you feel distant
Bear the coldness, the pain
Indifference, less than pleasant

You’re just time pass
For time being, his favorite toy
Suddenly you’ve become clingy
He hates how you always cry

You’ve gotten too attached
He needs space, bloody time
He can’t do it all
It wasn’t what he "planned"

So don’t push him
He might just break
He’s the only one with emotions
Caring is suddenly a sin

Why do you even care?
It’s his life, his decisions
He can come and go as he wants
Only fooling around was “fun”

Now it’s too much
The chase was exciting
It’s a burden now
Good bye is what he sings

Watch as your life
Falls apart second by second
Watch as he tears you down
The emotions he bargained

How dare you forget!?
“I love you” equals over
And his next conquest,
Right around the corner.

Send all your wounds my way

Send all your wounds my way
Remember to wrap them in a kiss
They’ll hit the perfect target
My heart they won’t miss

I promise to heal you
Take the poison within me
Morphing thorns to roses
That’s what you’ll see

I’ll always be standing
Between you and your sorrow
I’ll catch you when you fall
Tears can visit tomorrow

I’ll always be your comfort
Just trust me sweetie,
I have enough love to give
I promise it will last us an eternity

If we’re ever apart
Just close your eyes and whisper
If not me then my heart will answer
Whether I’m alive or in there-after

It’s the eyes that see
But it’s the heart that understands
All the tests of love, all problems
Together, we can withstand.

One Day...Maybe

One Day...Maybe

Today I caught something
A glimpse of hidden heaven,
Through your eyes I saw it all:
Love and understanding, together woven

You've accepted me, love,
The good along with the bad
I can't believe the miracle
You've put the whole world in my lap

I hope you know how much I care
Oh how long I waited for you
You' ve always been just a dream
That has finally come true.

State of Mind

State of Mind

If you think you are beaten, you are;
If you think you dare not, you don't!
If you'd like to win, but you think you can't,
It's almost certain you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you're lost;
For out in the world we find
Success begins with a fellow's will;
It's all in the state of mind!

If you think you're outclassed, you are;
You've got to think high to rise.
You've got to be sure of yourself
Before you 'll ever win the prize.

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man;
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the person who thinks he can!

Perspectives For Life

Perspectives For Life

Accept that some days you're the pigeon,
and some days you're the statue.
Always keep your words soft and sweet,
just in case you have to eat them.
Always read stuff that will make you
look good if you die in the middle of it.
Drive carefully. It's not only cars
that can be recalled by their maker.

Eat a live toad in the morning and
nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day.
If you can't be kind,
at least have the decency to be vague.
If you lend someone $20,
and never see that person again,
it was probably worth it.
It may be that your sole purpose in life
is simply to serve as a warning to others.
Never buy a car you can't push.
Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time,
because then you don't have a leg to stand on.
Nobody cares if you can't dance well.
Just get up and dance.
The early worm gets eaten by the bird,
so sleep late.

When everything's coming your way,
you're in the wrong lane. for you;
the more you have, the longer you live.
Ever notice that the people who are late
are often much jollier than the people
who have to wait for them?
If ignorance is bliss,
why aren't more people happy?
You may be only one person in the world,
but you may also be the world to one person.
Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.
Don't cry because it's over;
smile because it happened.

We could learn a lot from crayons:
some are sharp, some are pretty,
some are dull, some have weird names,
and all are different colors;
but they all have to learn to live in the same box.
A truly happy person is one
who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.
Happiness comes through doors
you didn't even know you left open.
Have an awesome day, and know
that someone has thought about you today....

My love is like to ice and I to fire

My love is like to ice and I to fire
How come it then that this her cold is so great
Is not dissolved through my so hot desire,
But harder grows the more I her entreat?
Or how comes it that my exceeding heat
Is not allayed by her heart-frozen cold,
But that I burn much more in boiling sweat,
And feel my flames augmented manifold?
What more miraculous thing may be told,
That fire, which is congealed with senseless cold,
Should kindle fire by wonderful device?
Such is the power of love in gentle mind,
That it can alter all the course of kind.

just one more time

People never knew just how much he meant to me and you
They knew him by name, but it's still not the same
His eyes so bright, his smile so wide
We always let him know we were right there by his side
Now he's gone from me and you
Now we have no reason to be blue
We loved him, he loved us
And we have to try not to fuss
He said goodbye and gave you a kiss
Now all we can do is reminis
Why does God take the best to love
Up to that great big world up above?
His memory will never leave
His kind and gentle smile will always be seen
Never forget him, never let him leave your mind
Tell him you love him, just one more time

Somewhere in my dreams tonight

Somewhere in my dreams tonight
I'll see you standing there
You look at me with a smile
"Life isn't always fair"

You say you were chosen for his garden
His preciously hand picked bouquet
"God really needed me,
That's why I couldn't stay"

It's said to be that angels
Are sent from above
I've always had my angel
My brother - whose heart was filled with love

Wherever the ocean meets the sky
There will be memories of you and I
When I look up at that sky so blue
All I see are visions of you

"While there's a heart in me, you'll be a part of me."

Little Child

Little Child..!

Sometimes when I think in different way
I always remeber that summer day
A Little child with innocent eyes
and face look like a glowing star
roses spreaded on both his sides
standing out of cemetery wall

Tears falling down from his face
silent lips with so much grace
alone he stand at that corner
Angels seeing him with so much amaze

He told me with his decent look
he opened a page of holding book
I saw a painted picture with date
he drew a coffin in which his mother's laid
i asked him if he want live with me?
he just smile n say that he's agree with me..!

Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship

A thousand kisses will never be,
Enough to satisfy my craving heart's plea,
Tommorrow will be the day I love you more,
Than today or yesterday or ever before,
Words and phrases will never do,
What my heart feels so deeply for you,
Deeper and deeper my feelings go,
My head is spinning too and fro,
I want you here, forever and more,
For our hearts to join and together explore,
Our hearts beat and beat as one,
Feel what I'm feeling, it's only begun.
Yet, my heart feels as though it's within a cage,
And slowly my desire turns to rage.
You are so close yet so far,
At times like this I wish upon a star.
I wish you were here and not over there,
Yet life is hard as well as unfair.
All I can do is wish and wait,
Until we meet again as that is our fate.
I love you more than my words can say,
And forever my love will grow each passing day.
Until the day I gently hold your face,
Kiss your lips within a candle lit place,
Hold you close and feel you near,
Kiss your cheek, whisper to your ear,
Feel your soft skin beneath my hand,
Feel your energy inside expand.
I'll wish for that moment as I always do,
And I've wished upon a star, it will come true.

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