Monday, August 5, 2013

7 seasons have again said goodbye

7 seasons have again said goodbye
and another blurry days are coming
but still I am here waiting
taking no notice of what they days would be like
all I hang onto was your words...
"I'll be with you soon, My sweet"

The pain of your absence was like
a thousand knifes stabbed on my back
like a rose dying for water
like having my body in north pole and my eyes
in Indonesia... is indeed very painful

I have been hurt so many times,
In ways that no one can ever come across
But magically I survived and my friends
were suprised that I don't go insane
They believe there is something very true that
I must have to be this strong...yes, My Love For You

Imagine the world without time,
that is me without you...
I am down on my knees praying to my Maker...
give me a change to see you again,
just one more time...
before this Pain takes me away...

But I am hanging on... trying to keep the pieces of
my dream in its perfect shape
Loving you unconditionally has tought me one
precious thing which I shall carry for the
rest of my short visit on earth
This kind of love is the Loveliest Pain...

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