Monday, August 5, 2013

aware was I of love at first sight

aware was I of love at first sight
She struck my heart and left me in this plight
It was her charisma that made me look in a different way
My emotions kindled like flame in its sway
Pleading for a chance was the call of my Heart
Begging to the AlMighty that we never part
Ever serious was I in my optimistic belief
I succumb to the charms of that heart thief
Mingling of youth & love portrayed heavenly scenes
Even people were wishing for bonding of these two heavenly beings
Ever eager was I to hear thought from other side
All looked like derby with tough horse ride
The arrow of love landed on its mark
I did not want to leave my opposite in the dark
Meadows, grass &landscape were the only spark
Let my love ignite in this gloomy dark
What to talk of beauty as she was beauty in her own right
Her eyes were of hepnatizers pulling the curtains of love tight
So petty was my request in this cruel bargain

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