Monday, August 5, 2013

I Hide Behind This Wall

I Hide Behind This Wall
My heart is a wasteland
so much destruction
As my tears fall, they
stain broken dreams

Once filled with love and
hopes I found happiness
Was I foolish or naive to
believe I deserved love?

I don't know how I survived
but there's an old saying
That which doesn't kill me can
only make me stronger

It took me so long to pick myself
up off the ground as I cried
Gathering up the last of my strength
to build this immense wall

One block at a time, I strain as I
lift them into place, and then sigh
As I swear with a bitterness that
I'll let no one hurt me again

Never allowing anyone to walk
within my heart, to get to me
A wall so thick, so tall, even I
would be afraid to go to them

Did I ask of them so much, just
to share my love and my life?
Standing against the harshest winds
to endure what life threw at us?

I can't lower my defenses, I can't
I can't take that chance I cry
I hate my loneliness, but behind
my wall, I feel no one can hurt me

I see other's walking hand in hand
I hear them laugh, I see them kiss
They make it seem so wonderful
to share their life with another

But behind this wall I must stay
I must buy time to heal
All I have to hold onto are my
dreams, that I dare to dream

That there is someone out there
just like me, nervously waiting
Will they whisper with their eyes
their voice or a poem for a chance?

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