Thursday, August 22, 2013

Every moment I exist, I want to hear your voice

Every moment I exist, I want to hear your voice
Falling for you was the least logical choice
But at least with you I know I really do exist
Even with temptations I try so hard to resist

I know you too well to just forget and move on
I’ll always watch over you, even if you’re gone
And even if you leave me forever and more
You’ll still be the one I’ll always love and adore

You can run all you want, but you can’t go hide
In life or in death our lives will collide
And if death claims me as a way of taunting
Just know that my love will always be haunting

My heart is committed, so my body will follow
But when I ask, your answers remain hollow
I’ve showed my soul and revealed my life
But now I feel like you’ve put me under a knife

I know you’re scared that one day I’ll leave
But I would never, for I too would have to grieve
This was my way of showing where I really stand
Know that in love the future can’t be planned

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