Thursday, August 22, 2013

My love for you has no boundaries or secrets

My Love For You

My love for you has no boundaries
or secrets.
It's in my essence,
devouring the fiber of my being
and is devoted to you alone.

My love for you reaches far and wide
and travels through
the four seasons,
the four corners of the earth
and far beyond space and time.

My love for you is a journey of
lofty mountain tops,
beautiful gardens,
deep seas,
blue lakes,
rivers and streams.
My love for you consumes my heart.

My love for you soars beyond the edge of the world,
up into the sky,
through the clouds,
past the sun,
the stars,
the moon,
the heavens,
and the galaxy
searching for you,
my love,
to tell you how much I care.

My love for you is the totality
of all existing things.
My love, I Love You.

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