Thursday, August 22, 2013

When you smile

When you smile
You make my world so bright
And everything we do
Just feels so right

With every breath I take
I think of you
I want to spend my lifetime
Loving you

Each time I close my eyes
It’s you I see
And I believe that
You’re my destiny

In you I found my
Other half
It’s amazing how you
Make me laugh

And when I need a friend
You’re always there
All the things you do
Shows how much you care

The way you hold me
When I’m feeling blue
Don’t know how you do
The things you do

A simple touch from you
Can ease my pain
What I feel for you
I can’t explain

Through good and bad
You’ve held my hand
And now I know
You’ll always understand

I never knew what love
Was all about
But in you I found
My love no doubt

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