Thursday, August 22, 2013

I love being with you

I love being with you
I love all the joy
that having you in my life brings me,
from our most intimate moments alone,
to the pride I feel in you
when we're out somewhere together.
Most of all, I love
that special gentle way you have,
that sensitive and loving side
you save just for me
when we're alone together.

I love you
because of all the things you are,
and because of all that I am
when I'm with you...
I love you!
I love you because you have shown me
in hundreds of beautiful ways
what love means.

Leaves may change from green to gold,
the sky from blue to gray,
a summer's afternoon becomes
a sparkling winter day.
People change, and places change,
and times keep changing, too.
But one thing always stays the same,
the love I feel for you.

Love speaks a language all its own,
with out a word or sound.
It starts deep in the heart,
where all true happiness is found.
It's whispered in the gentle trust
two people give each other,
and heard within each loving way
they cherish one another.

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