Thursday, August 22, 2013

falling again


I was beginning to put you in the past,
i was starting to move on.
My tears stopped their flowing,
i thought i knew where my heart didn't belong.

I was letting go of our past,
and i wasn't crying as much.
I was forgetting your sweet voice,
i had already forgotten your touch.

Then i saw you again,
and my barriers fell apart.
I recollected all our memories,
and held them close to my heart.

...But you just passed me by,
you didn't even spare a passing glance.
I knew you had forgotten me,
i would never have a second chance.

i admired you from across the room,
praying that you'd remember.
i heard you as you were talking,
your voice as sweet as ever.

i didn't want to stay,
and watch you go on forgetting.
but i still held onto our memories,
to forget you, myself i was not letting.

When i was about to leave,
for some reason i had to turn around.
and i saw you standing there,
to your eyes i was suddenly bound.

i can't believe this is happening,
i can't fall for you again.
i know you'll end up leaving me,
and again my happiness will end.

i just couldn't help it,
you were taking me with your charm.
but you said that it's ok,
to me you will do no harm.

As long as i am loving you,
my heart will continue breaking.
soon you will be gone,
and with you my heart you'll be taking.

i don't want to fall for you again,
because i know you'll just let me go.
it's not as easy for me,
all of this you already know.

But you continue to take me,
so gently you hold my hand.
my heart will continue breaking,
as i am falling for you all over again.

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