Thursday, August 22, 2013

still love you

 still love you 

I gave my heart to you from the start,
The worse day of my life was the day we had to part,
But you’ve been on my mind since that day
If I could see you one more time, I know what I would say.

I chased you around, sometimes you were caught,
We had some fun, sometimes we fought,
Through it all my love was with you and still is,
Even today I’m still chasing you, this time in my mind

I wish I could turn time back, so I could still be with you
But I can’t,
Besides, I don’t know if you’d even want that,
Many times I think of what you said in that Angelic voice you have

Of all the things you said to me, these words hurt me the most
They were the last words you said to me, they haunt me like a ghost
“I don’t love you anymore“
You will never know how hard it was to keep the tears inside
Somehow I seem to manage, I think because of pride

You will never know how happy I was in those days past,
Dreaming our friendship would always last,
I know those days are dead and gone, there will be no more,
You’re still the only one for me, the one I adore

Well, I feel I’ve taken too much of your time,
Remembering the days when love was mine,
So, to end this poem my closing words to you...
Until my dying day, sweetheart, I will still love you.

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