Thursday, August 22, 2013

Going Too Fast Live your life like the wind

Going Too Fast
Live your life like the wind.
Speed up when necessary,
And know when to slow down.
Slow down when life pushes so hard and fast,
You cannot consume anymore air.
Slow down when you can't see
Where you're going
Or where you're coming from.
Take time to stop and realize
What you have right in front of you
When you cannot find what you're looking for.
When you cannot find what you want in someone else,
Look inside of yourself.
Don't sweat the small things,
And make the best of the big things.
Cherish the experiences you've had,
And use the lessons you've learned.
Our lives are rubber bands,
Bending and stretching to fit
Even the most awkward situations.
You can adapt to anything,
Regardless of its size or shape.
You just have to realize and use
What you have in your own hands.

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