Saturday, September 28, 2013

Everyone gets lost in life

Smiles fade as people depart
Be the departure eternal..
Or just a partial start..
Start of a life lived lost and dull..
Dazed and confused is the feel of such..
Never could have thought it would hurt so much..
Some of us are just walking along.. Lost in life..
With a faded smile.. Facing moments of grief and strife..
Wanting to stop right now.. But yet moving on..
‘Cuz they keep saying that’s the way life goes..
We can’t argue..
Because they have already been through..
Their own life.. Lost and told..
What to do..
Some people just don’t get things..
Like that’s the way life is..
It’s just a bitter fact..
So you rather not over react..
‘Cuz once in a while..
Everyone has a faded smile..
And every once in a while..
Everyone gets lost in life..

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