Saturday, September 28, 2013

Star Of Wonder

Star Of Wonder

Oh starry night of wonder
Crystalline and clear,
Dream of lost hopes
And everything held dear.

A night so bright as this
Led by the Northern Star,
A joyous time to celebrate
No matter where you are.

Snowflakes that fall
As pure as gold,
A warmth inside
That melts the cold.

A heart so filled
With childish delight,
Praying of dreams
Coming true tonight.

A peace is found
So rare to find,
Serenity blessed
By a quiet mind.

What beholds our joy
Upon this night,
A star of wonder
Oh glorious sight.

Behold, Behold
This peace inside,
Reflecting in
The tears we've cried.

Star of wonder
Full of light,
Bless us all
This Holy Night.

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