Saturday, September 28, 2013

You are my heart and soul

You are my heart and soul
You are my passion and desire
I am so in love with you.
It consumes me like fire.

To feel your touch or your warm embrace,
To lay soft kisses upon your face,
To touch your soul as you have mine,
To caress your skin would be devine.

My heart is full to say the least.
With you in my life I have found my peace,
A piece of heaven. I think I will ask
For God to protect you as these days pass.

For my life without you would be a waste,
To miss the moment when we are face to face.
For then I will tell you that you are my love.
No one will I ever have above.

You have stolen my heart it is for no other.
If you were to leave me I would surely suffer.
You have made me whole with the love you have given.
And this heart of mine you will forever live in.

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