Saturday, September 28, 2013

Looking at the deep dark skies

Looking at the deep dark skies
From where I sit..
Thinking of the nights,
We talked about death &

Wonder how easily forgotten..
The countless hours we spent..
Was it that easy..? To leave me so lonely.. So broken..
Was the ‘Goodbye’ the only thing you really meant..?

Like the moonlight that never seems to fade,
The memories are fresh.. They never seem to die..
These words are all that’s left.. This is what I made..
No one can & nothing will stop the tears that my heart will cry..

Pain is the only thing left.. After you..
At times.. Just the thought of being with you.. Seems too good to be true..

The stars shine bright..
Wish I could lose myself in your eyes..
And never find my way back.. Only then I just might..
Just might be able to live with the truth.. And not the lies..

Now the moon’s hidden & the stars disappeared..
The dark clouds are here & they have covered,
Every bit of the sky visible..
And you are leaving.. Making me feel miserable..

The rain drops hit my window..
As I look down below..
I picture you.. I hope one day you get up..
Up to where you were before..
I think its time for me to shut up,
But I wish to see you somewhere & just talk..
Maybe on the sea shore..

I want to let you know..
You mean something to me, like the dark nights.. You always have..
I cared for you then.. Care for you now..
And forever more..

My loyalty and my affection towards you will never fade..
I rather slit my wrist with one of the sharpest blade..
Than turn my back on you.. The person I trust..
And I promise you.. I won’t fail to do so.. Till all my nights rust..

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