Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lots of things you did I forgave you

Lots of things you did I forgave you
And yet again you repeated all those things I never wanted you to do,
You broke my heart !

I showered all my love for you,
I never looked at another...
You were the only one for me to love,
To be wholely mine,
I wanted you for me.

But you did not be mine, in mind and body !
But you did not belong to me !
Your mind wandered....
Your trust went astray....
Your belief in me shattered...
Your ideas were always different !

You shattered my spirits and my mind!
You were only a bomb waiting to be exploaded !
I could never know you !
Each time I thought I knew you,
I found that I was wrong.
Alas !

Broken in mind and Spirit,
I had to, reluctantly, leave you,
To find your own ways in this world !
You wanted you Independence very much !
And, I hope I did the right thing ?
By giving you your Independence.
Bye, my love,
Yet, But, you shall always remain in my heart and mind.

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