Saturday, September 28, 2013

Soul Mates

Soul Mates...

You are my heartbeat.
You are my strength.
You are the only true love I know.
I am yours until the end.

You saved me from all my heartache,
You wiped away my tears.
You kissed away the bad dreams
And blew away my fears.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you.
To know you- is to know a mystery.
To hold you, my one true wish.
And to kiss your lips so softly, Oh...
YOU are what true love is.

Others can?t understand it,
How we fell so fast.
Showing all the people,
That our love overcomes our past.

So now it comes time,
To prove this love so true.
Test after test, we show others
That we?re stronger together,
Stronger than we ever knew.

You are my other half,
The missing link of me.
You complete my soul,
Like no other can ever be.

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