Thursday, August 1, 2013

Your beautiful wings

Your beautiful wings
The body I lusted over,
Never once was the message truly clear,
In the times that I held you dear,
For I was messed up,
But never, ever wanted to give you up,

Please don’t fly away, from me,

Your warmth, your touch,
I remember, your laughter,
I wanted to hear it so much,
Your tears would hurt me so,
If I could just hold you,
And never, ever let you go…

Please don’t flap your wings… stay here with me,

For I need you, as you are worth… more to me,
More than flowers, as they will just die,
Don’t look me in the eye, as I will just cry,
For the boat that I missed, has already set sail,
It sails, far far away…probably never to return,
Will I morn its loss, will I ever forget? ?
Only time will tell I guess, but love always leaves a mark,
But the difference is, this time… it’s to close to my heart…
Fly away pretty butterfly, as I now set you free…

But please, please…don’t ever forget your time with me…

Me myself and i….

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