Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wish I could fly

Wish I could fly
And come tonight
To you my darling
And see you smiling

Wish I could touch
Your face would I touch
And feel your breathing
So sweetly smelling

Wish I could sing
And I’d sing
My songs of love
To show my love

Wish I were there
Right beside you so near!
And I’d love you
‘N’ would never leave you…!

Wish I were a star
In the blue sky so far!
From there ‘n’ everywhere
I could see you ever ‘n’ ever…!

Wish we could be together
In the beautiful rains to gather
The crystals of snow
On each other we’d throw

Wish there were no border
‘N’ together we could wander
In the streets, at the beach
Wherever we’d please

Wish my longing
And fond missing
Could tell your heart
How much I miss you Sweetheart…!

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