Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sorrow Of Goodbye !!!

Sorrow Of Goodbye !!!

Never has there been a time
In my entire life,

That I've felt such agony
Pain, delusion, strife.

Nor have I ever cared so much
'Bout anything or one,

And take the burden upon myself
To help someone be done.

I'm learning what's important
I know what I can't do,

What I really care about
Is the happiness of you.

I can't make you as happy
As I know you need to be,

Your happiness seems so natural
When you're not with me.

I don't feel so upbeat
When we are apart,

Though knowing you are happy
Gives pleasure to my heart.

Giving you up is rough for me
I care for you so much,

I'll always miss your graciousness
Your demeanor and your touch.

I wish I could have done for you
What you've done for me,

I think that I can do it now
Your freedom sets me free.

The hurt that I feel deep inside
Will never go away,

I'll keep it locked inside myself
And think of you each day.

Tears are streaming down my face
As I know what I must do,

Today I give you back your life
Not for me, but you.

I will carry all the guilt
The suffering and the sorrow,

Knowing you've found what you've sought
And you'll still be there tomorrow.

I've held on till the very end
Held on very tight,

I pray you can forgive me
For things I did not right.

Should things not always go the way
That you expect them to,

Please always remember
There's a friend out there for you.

I still love you very much
And will until I die,

For you I'll do this one last thing
I will say...Goodbye


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