Saturday, September 28, 2013



I fell in love with you
so fast.
People told me that it
wouldn't last.
I always said they were
wrong until one day you
were gone.

You said you loved me,
and that your feelings
were true. I thought you
weren't lying so I said
"I love you too"

They say time will heal
the's been six
months and I still feel
the same.

Why did you hurt? I don't
understand. It's funny how
I can still feel the touch
of your hand.

I think of you and always
cry, wondering why you
never said good-bye.

Why does time take so long?
Why do my feelings have to
be so strong?

Why do they have to be right?
Leaving me with these feelings
to fight.

I sit and wish you'd come to
me, but then I realize it will
never be.

I know that I must go on
'cause now I know you're really

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