Monday, May 23, 2011

Friendly Love

Friendly Love...
With your presence
I am complete.
Just your very essence
Happily my heart beats.

Our love moved mountains,
Our sky shined blue, even when gray.
Love flowed like water from fountains.
In our hearts, we love, to this day.

Now friends, but still going strong.
Our shoulders are there for each other,
When in our world there is wrong.
Our friendship- like no other.
Sometimes weird, or strange,
Somehow we pull through the hard times,
Through friendship- we grow and change.

No matter how far or how long ago,
My love will still be yours,
In time to let go.
I will always love you,
for you- I am here,
Whether in spirit, mind, body
Shall you ever shed a tear.
Your angel will always be near!

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