Monday, May 23, 2011


A new beautiful look it gives to every thing
As if a rebirth they got through this blessing

It seems as rain finishes all the vain
Things look fresh as they never had any pain

Every flower smiles after taking a rainy shower
And sun shines with more energetic power

How much proud feels the sky on showing a rainbow
As the pleasant earth in reward will give it a thanking bow

Birds fly here and there singing melodious songs
The rays of sun increases the grass’ green glows

Happiness is hidden in its every little drop
It usually comes to fulfill soil's every hope

I love raining
A strange ease it gives to my every feeling

Always hide all my innocent tears
Washes away all my dreadful fears

It makes my soul very fresh and refined
As if sadness and loneliness were on my side

It’s really a friend very true and dear
Rain why you come very rare ?


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