Monday, May 23, 2011

To Be here At Last

There are times I’ve never felt so wrong
Standing soaking in the rain.
Many years of wasted moments,
Is it true you feel my pain?
I’ve never felt so far away,
Yet you say I can come near.
Dragging feet through the clay
I’ve stopped moving out of fear
No more days of wasted years
No pain greater can I feel
Than your love’s sweet separation
Beyond all I know is real
Every drop of life is precious
Every moment, every day.
Through service we come closer,
There is no other way.
Best friends to greatest enemies,
In your kingdom all are equal.
To return again one day,
No more power to this sequel.
In your arms a simple peace,
Haunts my mind of separation.
Beyond my body’s own existence
Did I learn my destination?
With my promise always breaking
Soon may come the day.
When honest words are spoken,
Please send me on my way.

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