Monday, May 23, 2011

Never see darkness any where

Never see darkness any where,
Everywhere look only for the light.
If ever, a shadow of gloom comes ,
Stand up courageously and fight.

Despondency, Pessimism and Despair,
Like the darkness, are pitch Black.
Changing them into Hopes and Happiness,
One has to have a very good knack.

Where there is a Will, there is a Way,
Not very sure! But this is what they say.
Willing alone is not always enough,
Sincere-Selfless efforts hold the Sway.

To seek success in life is always nice,
But the Path has to be free from all vice.
Those who went high up the Ladder,
Made not only efforts but great sacrifice.

Worship the God within your Heart,
Let the Bells of Wisdom loudly ring.
Snapping worldly bonds is really hard,
Needs sacrifice of nothing less than everything.

In the Life’s Evening, followed by the Night,
Thinking of only good deeds gives delight.
Remember! in the dark of the darkest night,
The Moon and Stars are much more Bright.

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