Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Black Rose

The Black Rose

I dont know what to do
I can only think of you
I dont know what to say
Tonight I'll only pray

Asking god for my forgiveness
For he will be my only witness
To this crime about to be committed
Because my world is only tinted

I'm sorry for what I did
I know I was just a kid
I'm sorry you never knew
But that was your fault to

For you never saw just how much I hurt inside
Lonely and bleeding with no where to hide

Watch the red drip down the blade
Now my debt will be paid
But only with the ultimate price
One more cut, a deeper slice

I feel faint I can not see
Darkness is taking over me
I'm consumed and left to die
With one more tear shed left to cry

I'll never see the flowers bloom
Or the grass begin to swoon
For I'll be below them six feet under
Nor will I hear the rapturous thunder

This is my last wish before I die
While righting this letter I can only sigh
For I wish I could have stayed much longer
But for this world I'd need to be stronger

"I wish you bury me with a rose
Black like coal it rubs against my nose
For nothing is as beautiful as I can see
Is that black rose that died with me...

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