Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Love, Truth, Fears, Trust, Pain, Death, Kindness,
Why do you abuse these emotions?
“I love you.”
Why do you ask these words when you don't mean it?
“I swear I’m telling you the truth!”
Why do you swear? If you are lying?
“I want to chase your fears away.”
Why do you say that? If in the end I’ll fear you in the end?
“Trust me, I want what's best for you.”
Why did you say that? If now I am too scared to trust myself now.
“I will heal the pain within your heart”
How? If you put it there in the first place?
“I will save you from death.”
How? If you already killed me inside?
“My kindness is so wonderful it’ll make you fly.”
Well now I’m falling. And are you going to help me again?
I see now... I understand...
You never meant to keep the promise.
You never meant to make anyone happy.
You only wanted to use and play with everyone’s emotions.
You said love and you got hate.
You said truth and got lies.
You said fears, you got even more.
You said trust and received none
You said pain and cause pain into others.
You said death and killed the light in our hearts.
You said kindness and we are waiting to see when we’ll get it.
You are nothing or no one to hurt us like that!
Even through the lies and the hurt.
You can still come to me and I’ll still be your friend.
Because there’s something that you forgot .......


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