Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I miss you

I miss you!
There are no words that can describe
The grief in this heart of mine
My heart is hidden so deep with tears
It’s hard for me to find

It broke my heart for you to leave
And each day brings more pain
Even after years of healing
Deep scars will always remain

I will always be thinking of you
Beyond all realms of time
You will never be forgotten
In this heart of mine

A son, a brother, and grandson
A nephew, a cousin, and friend
You meant so much to all of us
And that will never end

Your spirit touched the heart
Of everyone you knew
And each minute that passes by
A tear will shed for you

Your smile, your laughter
Our joy, and now tears
So many memories
In just 17 years

Now there’s something missing
Incomplete, what once was whole
Your missed beyond all measure
From the depths of my soul

I look to Christ our Savior
For comfort and for strength
I praise him for your life
Though it was short in length

There is hope for tomorrow
This I know is true
Because each day I live here on earth
Is one day closer to you

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