Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love for a soilder

Love for a soilder

Every time you go away my heartbreaks
I know for you the same thing aches

You walk into the sunset uncertain
If you will be able to fix those who have been hurting.

your love is for more then me
its for your country to one day be free

the honor you have received
may one day be grieved

I try to forget your leaving
I just lie close to you and hear your heart beating.

you're unselfish and mainly caring
I'll near forget the love we've been sharing.

now its time for you to go
I kiss your face in the candles soft glow

as you whisper, I love you, Good-bye
I cant help but breakdown and cry

As the door closes I remember your face
Knowing no matter where we are

our hearts will always be in the same place...

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