Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alone all alone

Alone, all alone

Am I needed in this world?

I am afraid, I have to say no.
No one loves me."Yes," not even my family.
In search of a compassionate soul, where
I should go?

Days move on, seasons change and year pass by,
sitting lonely in a dark corner I face
Hardships of life alone,
"yes" all alone.

"Why you made me so unlucky, God?"
In a sepulchural tone I complain.
Love, as important as water and air
Why you made my life devoid of it,
cold and plain?
"Love is life" they say. Tell me, you have to,
what is this that I am living alone?
"Yes" all alone.

Will ever be able to feel the warmth of love?
I wonder, looking at the sky, as if pleading.
I hear no answer, nothing at all
Not even a ray of hope, to keep my
heart from bleeding.
I realize, though in a hard way,
The fact, the ultimate truth,
I will die as I was born,
"Yes" all alone


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