Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dance of A Soldier's Wife

Dance of A
Soldier's Wife
His homecoming is sweet yet sorrowful
For she knows of his return
To the land of harm and danger
But true love never learns
Never learns how to ignore the butterflies
Or forget the way he smiles
How to disregard the endless longing for
The man who was waiting at the end of the aisle
The crowds disperse as he appears
And she gazes upon his face
The months have been long without his kiss
And his warm and gentle embrace
The time they spend will be short-lived
But of this they will not speak
They’ll get lost in the love that they share
Not the reality of the few short weeks
He worries for her happiness
He fears her lonesome nights
She reassures him that she’s true and loyal
While the man she loves continues to fight
Their home is full of memories
To keep her going while he’s gone
She lines the pillows in her empty bed
Before she braves the dawn
She whispers into the frosty air
“I’ll love you all my life…”
Then faces the day ahead of her –
The dance of a soldier’s wife

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