Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blind Love

Blind Love
Blinded by love...And now realized it..
I have so much love to give
So much of which you have received
But guess everything just leaked
Coz a wrong person I picked

Lots of people around me
Appreciated and love me
But I haven’t given love back
Coz I was busy following your track

I didn’t notice people around me
Coz you’re the only one I see
You were the center of my life
Like the string that holds the kite

I love you; the only thing in my mind
That’s why I’ve been so blind
So for such a very long time
I didn’t notice the many signs

I was living in a world of imagination
Everything I believed was my creation
I was so dumb believing
That we were both loving

After realizing those things
I look back from the beginning
Which those are true?
Coz I haven’t got a single clue

It really does hurt so much
Not receiving the love back
I thought appreciation would do
But you didn’t even give that too

I wish I didn’t even met you
If you’ll hurt me like you do
I wish I didn’t let me fall
So you didn’t played me like ball


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