Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I heard your voice

I heard your voice

My heart burst like fire

He was standing in front of me

I don’t know

I was shy, or I was crying

He cleaned my tear,

And took my hand,

And put it on his heart,

Took promise from me

To never leave him,

I was starring ,with yelling eyes,

Questioning him,

Where were you?

Where was your love?

When I was crying alone

When I was missing you

at every moment,

when I was all alone

where were your promise?

Tear fell from his eyes

He hugged me, nd say

I was here,

in ur heart,

I was always with u my love

I love you since I saw you,

Since we met,

We smiled and promise to

Never Leave eachother,

And started walking in an

Endless road

With destiny in our hands.


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