Tuesday, July 23, 2013

As my lips were taking your name

As my lips were taking your name,
With the loss of my heart to blame,
It was you who had ignited the flame,
And started this dangerous game!

With cuts deep to the bone
To the dogs my body was thrown,
As the color of my blood has shown,
My love's boundaries are unknown!

As I lay on the street disposed,
With the nature of this world exposed,
It was only love that I proposed,
To which the world was opposed!

My love survived somehow,
With the world taking a bow,
Nothing could stop us now,
From going on and taking the vow!

And when the moment of truth came,
I was completely inside your frame,
A total unknown you became,
Scarring my life with shame!

Hurt is a small word for me,
I loved you as love could be!
Though cruel as you may wish to see,
You and I will never be 'We'!!


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