Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I've fallen in love with your thoughts I read everyday

I've fallen in love with your thoughts I read everyday,
I feel the passion of your love in every word you say.

Your words are like my shield at times I feel pain,
There is something special in you,
I just can't explain.

You are like an angel sent from above,
A friend who is there to share an unendless love.
As our friendship become deeper,
I fall more for you,
sometimes I come to ponder, is what I'm feeling true?

No face to be seen, No voice to be heard,
Only the fact that I read your every word.
I had fallen for you but is this really right?
Only your words I see, no person in my sight.

Must our love remain with only words to read?
No face to see? No words to hear?
Probably this is destined by the Lord above,
A gift no one can judge, our blind love.


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