Monday, July 22, 2013

At first remember how you promised?

At first, remember how you promised?
It would be soft and tender,
A loving feeling to remember.

But, instead . . .

You made me feel like a --
My body laid out in front of your eyes to adore.
And I wondered how this could be,
We were finally together, you and me.

I was only a piece of flesh,
No loving thing,
And that was the night this angel was stripped of her wings.

You hurt me, caused pain
And what was I to gain?
This tiny life that is inside,
When I found out I could have died.

Something that once had the chance to be so sweet,
Turned out to be nothing to you but a piece of meat.
The pain I felt,
My heart you made melt.

This pain can never be recovered,
Because I will always have a reminder of my first lover.
Something he will not see for a while.
He does not know that we made a child.


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