Monday, July 22, 2013

I silently keep missing you when the nights are long my love

I silently keep missing you when the nights are long my love..

Everyday i keep thinking of you my love..
With every beat of the heart your face comes in front of my eyes my love..
With every breath that goes in I feel as if your within me my love..
With every wink of the eye i believe you r looking at me my love..
When am standing out looking at the sky i feel that u r watching me form there my love..
I know this soul yearns for ur love my love..
you don't even know what I go through when u ain't round my love..
When would u open up to me n give me all your love my love..
Believe me when i say I want u in my life my love..
If for once u could tel me what you r feeling my love..
Who knows we could get his blessings from above my love..
Cry for me only if u feel that i deserve ur tears my love..
Miss me only if u can't bear that distance like me my love..
i'am tired of expressing myself through words my love..
I look forword to that day when u would realize that intensity of my love for you my love..
Every moment with you is still fresh in my heart my love..
these eyes are still waiting to see you my love..
If you could make out the pain out of which i've written this my love..
You would count the number of times I've mentioned your name my love.
Don't get confused trying to search ur name my love..
You were and will always remain ....MY LOVE....

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