Monday, July 22, 2013

I dream of distant lands of where we can be free

I dream of distant lands of where we can be free
Let us escape from the harshness and disappointments of life
And together create for ourselves a paradise
Whether it be sitting under a mango tree in India
Sitting on a bench in central park
Floating on the river Thames or braving the jungles of deepest darkest Africa
Promise you will go there with me, promise you will go everywhere with me
Fly away with me, help me to touch the stars
We will ponder nature and question why the leaves fall
Like rain after it has gone promises a new beginning
So shall be my promise to you
Let me look at myself through your eyes
Make me understand the ability you possess to see the best in me
Let me call you darling and hold your hand
Share secrets with my soul not even I know
Continue to inspire me with your stories and words
Teach me all you know until I know nothing else
We are from two different worlds you and I
But are souls are the same lost along the way when God was deciding where we should go
Let it be said my heart and mind are not my own and never were
For I had yours and you had mind
To celebrate such a long awaited reunion fills me with bliss
I dream of the day when I can touch your face outside of a dream
When you can read my thoughts through my eyes and see no lies
For now I know true happiness I cannot go back to before
I can not go back to a hopeless and faithless existence
Do not bestow on me such a sentence, I ache at the thought
You make me feel alive, read my words and know it is because of you
Look what you have done look at what you do
Every part of me loves you


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