Monday, July 22, 2013

Late-night Talk

Late-night Talk

His name came up
On the caller ID
At exactly
Eleven fory-three.

I answer it
In my cheery fashion
For our late-night talks
Were always my passion.

But his voice told me
That something was wrong
Like a horror movie's
Foreshadowing song.

As he took a deep breath
And told me the phrase
"We need to talk"
I was put in a daze.

"We have a connection
And get along fine
There's nothing you've done
The problem is mine.

"You understand don't you?
Are you still there?"
I tried to answer
As I felt my heart tear.

"We're gonna stay friends,
We'll talk every day.
Sabi, do you have
Anything to say?"

A thousand thoughts were
Ready to spill
But my mouth wouldn't talk
As my eyes began to fill.

Thoughts raced through my head
Old memories played
The thought of being alone
Made me feel so afraid.

"I'm not expecting you
To understand.
You're a sophmore,
Life holds different demands.

"Still one day
When your life is SAT's
College applications
And activities,

"You'll realize why
I made this choice.
Talk to me, Sabi
Do you have a voice?"

I would if I hadn't
Hung up so quick
To comfort myself,
I was feeling quite sick.

So then this is it,
This is the end.
What more can I say then?
I'll miss you my friend.


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