Monday, July 22, 2013

These smooth tones

These smooth tones
are filling the room,
trying to damp this
dull ambiance and
coloring it.

Now I have to accompany
myself on the piano,
playing your composition.
I surrender as the melody
fills with spirit, you were
my white hope.

It's drizzling slightly,
maybe you are crying
with me.

For once I do not sing
there are no words
that would be worthy
to sufficiently glorify you.

I just want you to
devote yourself to
these feelings of yours.

A familiar breeze
enfolds me, caressing
your favorite beauty spot,
I feel secure and titillate
because of your presence.

Holding on to your
photograph, I thank you
for this experience as
the wind carries a
through the window.

With the end
of this composition
I bid my final farewell.


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