Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Glimpse of Pleasure!

Glimpse of Pleasure!

On a dark night,
When the city was not so bright!
I lay on the roof of my house,
Into the sky I started to browse!

Deep into the dark night sky while I was gazing,
The feelings I had were amazing!
With deep relaxing breaths, I relaxed my mind, body and soul,
The soothing and pleasant experience, relaxed my being as a whole!

Didn't notice when my eyes were slowly shut,
And from this world ,I was completely cut!
Had forgotten all my worries and pains,
And my body was relaxed to the veins!

Before I knew, I was under the sunlight
The morning sun was, up shining bright!
When I started to walk, down the stairs,
I felt like going back, into nightmares!

But I'm not afraid, to face my fate,
As I believe, my Lord above is Great!
He has given me, the glimpse of pleasure,
Of which there is, simply no measure!

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