Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Let Today....Be "The Day

Let Today....Be "The Day"

Let today,
Be "The day"!
When you change,
Your way!
And you make hay
While it is day!

Explain to you heart,
Following the wishes,
And disobeying Allah,
Is not the way!
It is totally unwise,
And it does not pay!

He may forgive you,
If you pray!
And ask for his forgiveness,
Whenever you stray!

Remember that Heaven,
Is a permanent stay!
For those who said nay,
To the devil's way!

If you follow,
The devil's way,
Without mercy,
He will slay!

Making errors in life,
Is the nature,
Of human clay!
Repentance my dear,
Is the correct way!
To wash all your errors and sins away!

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