Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Have you ever been so broken

Have you ever been so broken
so completely torn
have you ever hated you life
and wanted nothing more

have you ever wished to die
while sitting on your bed
have you ever thought of taking
a gun to your head?

have you ever said i love you
and meant it word by word
have you ever had your heart break.
so bad that everything hurt?

have you ever hated words
just because he said them
have you ever wanted nothing more
than just to be his friend

have you ever been happy
when he was with someone else
although deep down inside
you wanted it to be yourself

have you ever cried so bad
that your head starts to shake
and everything around you
just falls collapse and breaks

have you ever had the feeling
that he's not coming back
and no matter what you do
you heart is turning black

have you ever asked him why
he is doing this to you
and he replies for his own pleasure because
something you put him through

have you ever wished to go back
before anything happened
and you wish that you could die
or some how have an accident?

don't you just wish you could be her
just to start over again
not even be his lover
just his good friend

and don't you wish he just stop
with all these stupid grudges
and clear the pain away
away without smudges

cant i just retry
just this last time
and prove to you it will work
if only you were mine?


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