Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When you look at the moon, think of me

When you look at the moon, think of me.
Whenever you feel lonely, call for me.
If the stars fall down on your head,
Think of me lying in your bed.

Whenever times seem to get tough,
Think of me, giving you my unconditional love.
And if the world that you've built seems to fall apart,
Run to me and hold on to my heart.

For I am wherever you may go,
Because how much I love you, you'll never know.
And if you ever think the choice u made was wrong,
Open my heart and listen to its song.

A song that can only be heard by you,
A song singing about my love so true.
If you ever feel the need to go and love another guy,
Think of me, for then I will die.

If life throws you on your back,
Let me help you up and join you in the oncoming attack.
Think of me when you laugh,
You don't need to win my heart, you already have.

And think of me when we're making love,
And tell me that of me you could have never enough.
I am willing to spend my love with you eternally
As long as you think of me...

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