Sunday, August 4, 2013

My blanket and me

My blanket and me

O yes I have read it in your eyes
Please don’t tell, no need to say
I knew it the moment I saw you
You going to go, not willing to stay

If I may ask you, please come inside
Its same old December, chills cold n rain
Just for my sake, one cup of coffee
Not going to stop you, I know it’s in vain

Put the umbrella any where, matter does not
Let me have your rain coat, have a seat
I am sorry not much of the furniture
You know I work hard, so the both ends meet

Well here’s your cup of coffee, please hold
So you found someone who is rich n fair
Oh my GOD he gave you diamond necklace
Even entering such shops, I can’t dare

Let me bring you a blanket, you’re shivering
Will drop you at the subway, worry not
My car is old but still it will take you there
Not much of wealth, just love what I got

Remember it was December when we first met
And now we break it is December again
Do not remember a single day, without you
I know it is going to be difficult, lot of pain

I simply forgot to live without you
And see you are everywhere
In my heart and inside my mind
You are here and you are there

It’s going to be difficult without you
But I will learn with the time
I am a poet, but my poems will be lost
Just the words will remain, but no rhyme

Oh sorry, so sorry this blanket is cheap and thin
You are so precious to me, but it is too cold
Just bear for some time please
Going to leave it and me, you are quite bold

Can you please stay, and give me another chance
You still love me, don’t you? Please tell me so
My blanket and I both can warm you up
Come into my arms, please let the train go

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