Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Wonderful You

My Wonderful You

The first time I saw you
I knew from the start
That you were the one
With the key to my heart.

Right then, I knew
I was hopelessly lost,
To be yours forever
No matter the cost.

I'd stand by your side
Through good times and bad,
And be there for comfort
Whenever you're sad.

I'd always protect you
With my life, if need be,
Cause without you, Baby,
What would life be to me?

All my hopes and my dreams
Would soon fade away,
Like the sun as it sets
At the end of each day...

If ever I lost
This one perfect love,
A match made in Heaven
By the good Lord above.

So to honor and cherish
Till death do us part,
Is the promise I make
To you, from my heart.

And loving you always
Is what I will do,
While giving my all
To my wonderful you.

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