Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Little Star

My Little Star

There is this star up in the sky
that shines so bright at night.
It's like a distant beacon
put there for my delight.

As it twinkles soft and bright
it's beauty seems sublime.
I know it will last forever
well on past my time.

But I feel as though its mine
this star that shines on me.
My heart feels a warmth
with this celestial potpourri.

The pulse that it gives off
the heartbeat of this star.
Helps calm my inner soul
it comes to me from afar.

Oh little star of mine
I enjoy you every night.
The blinking of your colors
makes you seem so polite.

Now every time I see you
I know that I'll be fine.
Cause with your little twinkle
I know that you are mine....

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