Sunday, August 4, 2013

The fake me


I am Sam, she was my class mate
and I loved her so
God dam my inferiority complex
never ever knew where to go
my face no photogenic on the cam
I am what I am

stole her ID from the book
I became Peter on the net
with a lovely fake picture
now I was courageous, wild n wet
forgot where will lead the scam
I am what I am

Now My ID ran the show
love made me wear the mask
And myself very low
How difficult was the task
It was Peter all around, where was Sam?
I am what I am

Myself I had lost
Cynthia now loved peter
Look how cheap, at what cost
Sam sat behind the heater
Had I lost my bus my tram
I am what I am

What matters is not features
What matters is not age
Lion loves to be in jungle
And hates to be in cage
For him it’s a big sham
I am what I am

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